Why do liberals like Islam when Islamic Sharia law condemns homosexuals to death?

Liberals call us Catholics bigots for saying we believe that marriage should be as it was in the beginning, Adam and Eve, because Jesus (God in the flesh) told us this is the way it should be. But these same liberals give a free pass to Islam whose Sharia law condemns homosexuals to death. And this isn’t just a belief in Islam, it’s a regular occurrence to see homosexuals sentenced to death and executed for being homosexual in Islamic nations with Sharia law. Yet, liberals bend over backwards to defend Islam while calling us Catholics the bigots. It doesn’t make any sense.

Oh yes? You noticed rampaging hypocrisy amongst Liberals? You too, discovered America -eh?:wink:

It is as simple as “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

It’s not so much that they “like” it as most of them are just too spineless to stand up to it.

On what planet is the “bending over backwards” taking place?

Here’s a suggestion for them.
They should go to Iran. Let’s see if the Iranian government would love their presence.
Or how about Saudi Arabia? Or Yemen? Or Egypt?


It is because like most Americans, they know absolutely nothing about Islam; and, being for the most part young, think they are invincible.
The punishment of homosexuals in the Islamic world (the Mid_East) depends largely upon ones place in society.Bi-sexuality is widely tolerated amongst the educated and upper classes and is rarely punished. This has been historically reported and commented upon by many authors, such as Sir Richard Burton* from the mid-nineteenth century until modern times.
*Sir Richard Burton was a noted 19th Century Orientalist who, amongst other things, translated “The Thousand and One Nights” commonly known as “The Arabian Nights” into English.

That’s interesting. Can you provide us all with a few concrete examples of this?

Your making an unfair generalization.
I consider myself a liberal, and I despise Islam.

I think its simply to due some liberals taking Multiculturalism too far and taking Muslim claims about Islam at face value. The truth is though, that we should examine Islam and its practices at least as critically as we do Christianity.

There’s a mosque being built on ground zero. They still haven’t allowed the church in area to be rebuilt. Oh, wait. It’s not a mosque. It’s an “islamic center”.


They like Islam because they’re not Catholic.
Liberals like everything and anything that’s not Catholic.

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Rush Limbaugh says it best.

“Conservatives live in Real-ville, while Liberals tend to live in Fantasy-land.”

Liberals see only what they want to see. Facts don’t matter, just look at how many Liberals still believe in Socialism despite it’s utter disasterous failures. Liberalism is a religion, not a political thought.

Some of them are OCD multicultural, some honestly don’t know that Sharia law stipulates that, some think Sharia law is an optional part of Islam (which it is treated like here in the west), some are doing it to win the Islamic vote, and some are doing it to tick off their conservative counterparts. That being said, I would assume anyone on this forum does not fall into the last category. Otherwise, this looks like it will become a FUN conversation… :popcorn:

*I will also say that not all liberals even like Islam

The best example of this, is the Occupy movement.

Define “liberal”. I can name some self-affirmed “conservatives” who are shills for Islamic supremacists: Grover Norquist, Chris Christie, Dinesh De Souza, Rick Perry.

A far better question to ask would be “why do people who ostensibly support ‘tolerance’ shill for Islamism?” or “Why do homosexual-lifestyle advocates wear terrorist flags (PLO chequered rags, “Palestine” flag, etc.) in their marches?”

Speaking of OWS…here’s Peter Schiff talking to a bunch of Fantasylanders…aka Liberals.


The original vid is almost 2hrs long and worth a look at.

Because both Liberalism and Islam are united in their disdain for christianity.

Remember, Satan posesses angelic intelligence and can easily manipulate fallen worldly beliefs such as these. One group attacks the Church from within while the other strikes from afar…

Dinesh D’Souza, the author of What’s So Great About Christianity is a shill for Islamic supremacy?

Well thank you for proving how Liberals live in Fantasyland. :thumbsup:

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