Why do many Atheists and other liberals have to be nice! It drives us conservatives, with Faith and reason, crazy, because they vote for abortion, gay marriage and such! Aaargghh!


You want them to be hateful through and through, but you can still find ones who know your stances and be nice to you! I’m nice to liberals, in person, I’m rarely melancholic. There may be liberals who rack their brains when a conservative loves them despite their antithetical views.

I think Satan uses the self-righteousness of conservatives and liberals against each other and laughs as I believe the top Masonic types of the NWO made the KKK and the Planned Parenthood types. Both were out to get rid of ones they felt unwanted–even to the point of the worst inhumanity to man to win the day for their cause. I mean, the Joker of the latest Batman movie was really the perfect personification of Satan. Satan corrupts do-gooders and makes a joke of their evil inclinations hiding behind a sense of self-justification for their actions. Prisoners hate their persecutors and ordinary citizens can hate them for their acts of hate and can cause more criminals to exist, though it doesn’t make the criminals’ hate and corresponding actions ok.

We all have good in us, but an imbalance of melancholy, that is, unaided by being low on receiving the Holy Spirit, can make us see only the bad in people; the sanguine, only good that a hug can restore to the mind of evil-doers (not wise as serpents); and the other two temperaments can make sociopaths that use both against each other for malice, money or curiosity (without enough, if any, of the Holy Spirit’s help welcomed). I think Joker had some melancholy in him, though, whereas Satan may have been more choleric, if angels could have temperaments. The criminals and the regular people had just enough Holy Spirit’s influence as they were voting to destroy the others, but couldn’t do it (I’m surprised no one on the ordinary citizen boat considered some of their own were on the prisoner ship.

On that note, Satan also uses ways in which people can’t see each other to attack each other–like tailgating, weaponry that shoots from afar and, coming soon, from robot devices, setting others’ straight (mea culpa X3) and/or internet bullying.


I would suggest that you stop labeling people, liberal or conservative. These are political labels which inaccurately define people.

Doing so puts you on dangerous ground in judging a person as being a certain way, i.e. “liberal,” or “conservative,” and believing that they think or act according to your definition of the terms. It sets up a wall between what is real, and what is false(based on the terms you’ve applied).

People are more complex than what a label can define them to be.

So, treat each person as an individual, with various ideas and beliefs, which my or may not fit yours. Be open to listening to them, rather than defining them.



Wanting others to be hateful, so as to justify one’s attitudes to them, is very dangerous :eek: I do hope you were joking :eek: If people have any good in them, at all, it is God’s doing; something to be grateful for.

IMO, the division is a silly one, because unreal - we are all evil; but, not in all of the same ways :cool: The very daftness of the division is what makes it so lamentable. :frowning:


I was just saying that we take sides, but the devil plays us all for fools. Like The Joker, he exploits the self-righteousness’s self-righteousness. You feel you are good, whether you’re a pro-choicer crusading for the women against “haters” or you’re crusading for the unborn. We objectify “the enemy”, whether they are on the “bad side” of issues (some are and do mean harm, but most of those think they are doing good) or slowing us down on the roads. The Bible says, “Only God is good”. Another said to reflect on the “our” of the “Our Father”. Thus, we are brothers and sisters.


So you want athiests and liberals to all be fanatic “in your face” types?

I appreciate a kind demeanor, even if I disagree with the agenda behind them.


It would be so much easier for them to be archtypes (sp?). It’s human nature. It makes it easier to categorize people. People naturally like to categorize people. I’m not above them, but I know you can’t justifiably do that and I don’t treat them that way (though the melancholia level does skyrocket, despite my niceness in person).
I was being a bit silly with the title.



I’m a former Catholic, non-Christian liberal.

May your Catholic faith be more spiritually fruitful for you than you even think possible.




I never left Christianity and almost left Catholicism.  I don't know why you left both, but we shared some dissatisfaction with the Faith at some point for whatever reason.  I hope the Holy Spirit and you work out something together that brings you back as it happened in me.  Intellectually, I was impressed it could hold out against the winds of change that seemed to have corrupted other faiths and most else of the Church, except its dogmas--including very unpopular ones.  Whatever you think of those dogmas, no man-made religion could do that!  I certainly wasn't intellectually digging for a reason to stay in.  I already had denied Mary's humongous historical and continual role in helping us not lose our salvation at the end.

It may just be a misunderstanding on your part, as we can’t think of everything. G. K. Chesterton helps though. St. Augustine also went without Christianity altogether for some time. Bl. Bruno Cornacchiola of Tre Fontaine fame was a communists, who almost killed Pope Pius 12, even, but converted, when there was no intellectual reason in his mind to revert! There was no reason for the newspaper reporters to make-up having witnessed what the others did at Fatima. They even asked those unaware of a prophecy of a great event happening on that day and they acknowledged it.

It has to make you think maybe the Church is right about things we get taught the opposite of in most schools or about why what happens, happens, when bad things happen to good people. Big Science has proved itself unreliable. You’ve got Piltdown Man having been taught for 40 years in schools, until it somehow interested scientists to apply the scientific method to it (the Church has made no definitive statement about these things). Regarding environmental hysteria: even George Carlin said we are no threat to the Earth. Abortion, with medical contraceptives actually acting as such by their timing, causes breast cancer due to undeveloped cells from a stunted development, but educators still say it’s all safe. I thought embryonic stem cell was a closed–book failure with its 100% failure rate and the easy-to-get and reliable adult stem cells were the winners, but some politicians and scientists still want to beat a dead horse and champion the former. Whatever mistakes were made before science, the Church has been the most right on these modern controversial ones and devout Christians of various faiths, including ours, developed the foundations for modern fields of science. It uses objective scientists to debunk hoax miracles and they cannot debunk some. That’s just the intellectuals’ stance of intellectual superiority they take over Christians falling on its face, often due to ulterior motives that require fear of punishment being put into dissenters.

I hope you will someday come back to the only belief system that makes sense, no matter who misrepresents it. God bless you! May the Holy Spirit enlighten you!

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