Why do many people feel the insatiable need for the Church to confirm them in immoral pursuits?

Let’s take contraception, for example. Everyone knows the Church teaches this is wrong. So why do people presume to demand that the Church say it’s okay? If you know you’re going to do it no matter what the Church says, then why do you even really care what the Church says on the matter? Obviously a person does care what the Church says about this or any other moral issue even if he disagrees with it if he keeps talking about it.

Is it God’s grace that keeps people who disagree with these things coming back, perhaps in His desire that they will eventually, individually, come back to the truth via a good priest’s teaching? Or is it a psychological phenomenon?

It’s not just doing it and ignoring what the Church says. Often, it’s demanding that the Church change what she cannot change. That makes it a different thing all together.

With regard to the individual soul, there could be any number of motivations. Often, however, my observation has been that the individual soul would not have become so hardened were it not for the social milieu. In other words, sort of a mob mentality takes over and people who have gone heterodox reinforce one another (sadly, often with the aid of clergy who also hold those “progressive” views).

Therefore, I think that the devil knows, with his angelic intellect, just how predictable this whole pattern is and how to exploit it. So we’re back to Ephesians 6:12 and the importance of remembering that this is not merely a battle of flesh and blood but spiritual warfare.

Easy question!

It’s FAR easier to delude one’s conscience back to sleep with rationalizing than it is to defy one’s own conscience until it can no longer be heard.

The latter approach is hard work and sin more often results from laziness and cowardice than stubborness and determination.

Misery loves company, in other words.

Thank you for the responses so far!

Because some people believe a lie that the Church is a democracy whose views are subject to that of the people. They are lukewarm Christians who don’t know how to submit to the will of God, and they will get their justice…

Well, that worked for me, especially if you include the Early Church Fathers! :thumbsup:

Why does a teenager daughter not respect deadlines and expect dad to agree with the silly reasons? But dad still loves her. So should we…

Because they want the church to say their behaviour is OK. Nobody wants to hear that their beliefs and behaviour are immoral.

Then why don’t they go to all the non-contraceptors in the neighborhood and DEMAND, “YOU WILL SAY it’s okay.”

Because the government beat 'em to it . . .:rolleyes:

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