Why do many Protestants make a big deal about the rapture?


My question is what is the big deal about trying to find the exact last day of Jesus arrival if he says not even the angels in heaven know. My father-in-law is really big into all of this stuff and just end up saying isn’t the point, we dont know when it is ,so we should always be mindfull to the commandments of God.


Have him listen to THIS

It may very well change his mind.



And here’s a couple more sources:

The Rapture? (My blog article)

**The Rapture and the Bible (MP3 Bible study)

What will really happen on "The Last Day"



Those dispensationalists who are waiting for a pre-trib rapture will be among the first to fall down and worship Antichrist when s/he appears.

Jesus said VERY PLAINLY in Matthew 13 that BOTH the good and bad seed would grow together until the harvest. He did NOT say that the wheat would be gathered 7 days (or 1007 days) before harvest time.


I’ve wondered if it’s because it gets the adrenalin going - excitement/fear/urgency/drama. I say that because the other thing I notice is that the supposed end always seems to be within the lifetime of that person - they could be alive to experience it.



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