Why do men like the "Three Stooges'?

It seems to be such a guy thing. I don’t know any women who like them.


Too funny, Tenebrae. I have said the same thing for years. Men almost universally find them funny … as for why, I have no idea. :shrug: To me, they’re just painful to watch! wince

Another example is the Naked Gun movies … similar male/female divide there, I think. Men seem to find them super funny.

Men and women are just … different (yes, I know there are exceptions … I’m speaking in the aggregate sense).

My wife likes the Stooges.
Wouldn’t have married a woman who didn’t.

It’s one of life’s eternal, unanswerable mysteries. It’s right up there with why men find* Dumb & Dumber* hilarious.


My son just told me it’s because ‘it’s so stupid’. He’s 19. :smiley:

After 40 years in construction I have met all three of them on many jobs,you either laugh or cry or Fire.

Funny (er, in a manner of speaking) you should mention Dumb & Dumber. The guys who directed that have a new Three Stooges biopic coming out soon. They show one of them an iPhone and he holds it up to his eye. Ouch. Somehow I’m guessing this new movie will not be as funny as the original. The more accurate question would be: Why do all men like Star Wars?

I like the Three Stooges, and so do my daughters… I think, though, that women tend to relate to characters in a different way than men do, and women tend to take physical injuries more seriously. A fair amount of the time, when I fall on ice, or hit my head on something, I think it’s funny, so I can relate to that as humourous in Stooges, or in Monty Python, etc. But I think most women see that and instinctively think, “Oh, I’d better fetch a band-aid and put some ice on that poor fellow’s head.”

How about the classic Dumb and Dumber? And There’s Something About Mary?

A definite classic!! How about “There’s Something About Mary”?

Bless you for posting this! From some of the other threads I’ve involved myself in needlessly and futilty today, it seems like many of us here on CAF could use a bit more humor!

Well, this was certainly true in my family growing up, and hasn’t changed much now that I have a family of my own. My wife and daughter are constantly amused by what amuses me and my sons, but its all very loving and affectionate ribbing.

Let’s not forget Bugs Bunny and friends, the Pink Panther movies, etc.

All classics! :slight_smile:

Simple minds like simple things.

I’m a guy and personally I find it incredibly boring.

I hate them!

Maybe 'cos I’m not American? I dunno. I just find them annoying.:confused:

Well this American dude agrees for what it’s worth.

The Stooges are really a product of their age: pre-WW2 American vaudeville. Every vaudvillian had at least one stooge. A guy named Ted Healy had three. When Ted’s drinking got out of control, the Horowitz brothers (thier real name) broke away and started doing their own act. Every comedian since has, in some way, imitated the Stooges, especially Curley. His youth and energy are still extrodinary to watch almost three quarters of a century later.

I never like the Stooges.

But I did love Bugs Bunny, and love Abbott and Costello. I think that the difference for me is that the Stooges is only slapstick but Bugs Bunny had some witty lines.

My kids are starting to like Abbott and Costello.

There’s a scene where they go to an Italian restaurant, and Mr. Bacciagalupe the owner offers Lou some meatballs. Lou doesn’t like meatballs.

Mr. Bacciagalulpe: Why he no like meatballs?

Abbott: When it comes to meatballs, he’s allergic.

Mr. Bacciagalupe: He’s a jerk?

My kids find it hysterical.

In his biography Lou Costello said he studied Curly Howard’s routines to the letter. Moe Howard refused to speak to Costello for years because, in his eyes, he was making millions imitating what they had been doing for poverty wages at Columbia studios.
Although older brother Shemp had no problem with Costello and was in a few of their movies.

I’m a woman, and I have loved the Three Stooges since I was a little girl! We have a picture of them up in our family room. I love the interaction between the three of them, especially Moe, Larry, and Curly. I’m not a huge Shemp fan, but he’s OK. I definitely didn’t like Joe Besser. Joe DeRita was OK.

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