Why do Methodists say the creed at church, professing, "We believe in the Catholic Church"?


Is it because they are reffering to catholic as “universal” and not THE True Catholic Church?


Yes, that’s exactly the reason. The greater question in my mind is why Methodists and the other reformed churches include the line about the communion of saints.


It’s catholic with a little “c” not Catholic with a big “C”


I was a Methodist first 44 years of my life. God then gave me the grace to realise that I should no longer be catholic with a small “c” but Catholic with a big “C”. For the past 16 years I have been a Catholic and never regretted it.
However I know as a Methodist in those days we used the exact wording of both the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed.
I don’t know why we included “communion of saints” but I found an interesting website about how Methodists honour their saints:



“… One holy catholic and apostolic church…” When reciting this line, Protestants mean “catholic” in the same sense we do: universal. What they don’t mean in the same sense we do is “apostolic.” By “apostolic” we mean that our church traces its origins back to the apostles. They mean they are on a mission like the apostles were.


Methodists are the LEAST anti-Catholic Protestant denomination I have encountered. Our Parish has very good relations with the Methodist churches in this community.


At the last Methodist service I attended there Missal had the same readings as the Catholic Church that Sunday.

On the creed there was an * next to catholic (small c) with a footnote explaining the term meant universal and not the catholic church (less anyone should make a mistake) which I found etremely funny.

There was no similar footnote on the communion of saints.



No. They are referring to the True Catholic Church as they believe in it. Obviously Methodists do not think that the Roman Communion is the true Catholic Church, but only one part thereof (as they believe they are as well).



I’m not sure I know how to do this since it is my first time. I am wondering if the methodists say the Creed?


My question to them would be why say “catholic” at all? Why not say “universal”? If the whole Creed was translated from Greek or Latin in to English, then why wasn’t the word “catholic” translated to “universal”?:shrug:


Don’t the Methodists ordain women pastors now?


Yes. That was always my understanding.


Ha! I would say for the same reason I’m called a “Roman Catholic” instead of a “Roman Universal”. :smiley:


From what I remember, the creed as printed in the Catholic missal has catholic spelled with a lower case “c”.


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