Why do Mormons claim to be Christians?

When they’re so clearly not. Just because you believe in Jesus doesn’t make you a Christian. Muslims, for example, see Jesus as a prophet, Baha’i’s see Jesus as a manifestation of God, yet clearly they’re not Christians.

All Christians profess the Trinity and the incarnation of Jesus Christ as the second person of the Trinity. This is basic Christian doctrine that transcends denominational lines, even from the most Traditional Latin Catholic to the most liberal kind of Lutherans, even from the most mystical Orthodox practitioner to the most Fundamentalist KJV only fire and brimstone Independent Baptists; the Trinity is held to be central within each of these Christian groups no matter how much they radically differ from each other on other doctrinal issues.

To put it simply, the Trinity is the unanimous doctrine of Christianity. You cannot be a Christian without the Trinity. Christ himself affirms this when he tell us to baptize in the name of the Trinity (Matthew 28:19). From the outside, it appears they do the same, but when it’s shown what they actually believe in, it all becomes void. Mormons profess three gods instead of one. They say that the God has flesh and bone, that he has his own goddess wife, that he lives on a planet/star named Kolob. To most Christians, these are the worst kinds of blasphemies. It sounds like paganism! In fact, it is pagan!

How do they have the audacity to claim they’re Christians when they reject the most fundamental Christian truths? How can they claim to be a follower of Christ yet admit to the worship/service of 3 gods!? Did they miss it when Christ said, “No man can serve two masters” (Matthew 6:24)? Yet they claim three! Mormonism is blasphemy against God. It is incompatible with Christianity. You are either a Mormon, or you are a Christian. Pick one. Being both is impossible.

Out of love, I pray for Mormons, that they will discover Christ and come to the truth.

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As a former Mormon I think I’m qualified to make some minor corrections.

They profess MANY Gods. Not just three.

They believe that God has a body of flesh and bones but not blood.

He has many goddess wives.

He lives on a planet NEAR a star called Kolob.

Just to keep things on track …

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I know they believe in an infinite amount of gods, but they claim to only focus on and worship the three gods of the planet earth, that being “Elohim” A.K.A the Heavenly Father (who is suppose to be a weird pagan version of the first person of the Christian Trinity, God the Father, though changed into an entirely new and different god in their belief), Jehovah/Yahweh who became Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Oh, well alright. I just know they believe that their highest god Elohim is a physical being. Thanks for further informing me on this though.

I’ve only heard Mormons talk about him having one goddess wife whom they call the “Heavenly Mother.” I did see somewhere that some Mormons believe he has many goddess wives, but most Mormon sources I’ve found as well as Mormons I’ve spoken to tell me the “Heavenly Mother” is his only wife.

I’ve seen this too in a few places, but as said with the last one, I’ve seen many sources and have spoken to Mormons who claim he actually lives on Kolob as his own planet.

I guess these minor details don’t fully matter, they do agree on the same basic concepts about their “Godhead” with slight differences in opinions here and there.

I agree. I was just pointing out “minor” issues.

The public affairs office of the LDS church is probably the busiest office of all. They are constantly working on their public image and being called “Christian” is a big part of it. They were probably responsible for the name change to the Book of Mormon where the words “Another Testament of Jesus Christ” were added. I don’t have time now, but when I get a moment, I’ll share with you some more about the plurality of Gods. It has to do with Adam and no, it’s not about the Adam-God theory. It’s just another weird teaching that most non-Mormons are probably not aware of.

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I have been aware for some years that the Mormons do not have Jesus on the same level as Catholic and Protestant churches, and I can only conclude that they keep referencing Him as a marketing ploy to convert Catholics and Protestants. I don’t like it either, but if you’re strong in your true ChristIan faith, you can ignore it.

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For some reason Trinitarians have decided that they own the word Christian. Clearly the term refers to a believer in Christ, of which we The Church of Jesus Christ are.


Kind of like the LDS church who have decided that they own the word Mormon?

The Mormons I interacted with on Amazon called her “Wisdom.” And if you tried to set them straight, they’d accuse you of “making it up.” Sadly, they didn’t like hearing the truth about their beliefs or their beloved “prophets.” (whose words are more important than the Bible, according to at least 5 of the Mormons who posted there). Not only did they claim they were Christians but the better Christians because God and Jesus Christ had visited every one of their Temples except for one.

It’s not a matter of ownership of the name, anyway. Even as President Hinckley said, you don’t worship the same Jesus as the other Christian religions do. You are quite different in that respect and you can’t all be Christians unless you change the definition of Christianity to fit the particular sect. Mormons can claim to be Christian for all I care but they need to make it clear that they neither worship the Christ of the Bible, nor even the Book of Mormon, for that matter.

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Actually, one Mormon told me to my face that the Book of Mormon is more important than the Holy Bible which they view as ancient. They also claim to use the KJV Bible. But one Mormon slipped up and said that the Bible they use has Joseph Smith’s footnotes in it. Not the KJV that I remember.

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The LDS edition of the KJV has those footnotes and cross-references all four of the Mormon standard works. Additionally, it references their Bible Dictionary and Joseph Smith’s “inspired” translation of the Bible.

That Mormon was probably thinking in terms of one of their Articles of Faith which says that they believe the Bible to be the word of God “as far as it is translated correctly” and that they also believe the BOM to be the word of God.

The interesting thing is that Joseph Smith rarely if ever gave any sermons from the BOM. Once he finished that project and tried to sell the copyright he moved on to bigger and better things.

Oh my gosh! Who wrote that version of the KJV? I always thought their version of the KJV was Joseph Smith’s version of the Bible. What little I saw of the JST online filled me with such dismay. He shouldn’t have tried to rewrite it.

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It’s not really a different version. It’s the KJV, but the Mormon edition has Mormon footnotes and cross references. The text is the same.

Interesting thing about the JST. I wonder if God commanded him to write it, then it seems it must have been important enough to have it done. So why, after JS died, was the work of translation not completed? Were the subsequent prophets incapable of carrying the torch?

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That’s an interesting topic of its own. Mormons believe that the earth was created (or organized) by God the Father (Elohim), Jehovah, and Michael the Archangel, who became Adam. When you go to the Mormon temples, you watch a movie that shows the seven days of the creation. On the first five days, you hear Elohim telling Jehovah and Michael to go down and do such and such. Then Jehovah says, “Come Michael, let us go down . . .” On the sixth day, Elohim says to Jehovah that we will place man on the earth. This time, Michael is not included because he is the one whom is being placed on the earth as Adam. Anyway, Michael/Adam was one of the creators of the earth and one of the Gods referred to in the Book of Abraham.

Christian means that you believe in the Trinity. Otherwise Jesus is just some guy that talked nicely and thought he was a god. The Mormons and Jehovah’s Witness’ are not Christian because they deny the nature of Christ. The Nicene Creed really does explain Christianity in a nutshell. Protestants are Christian.


The thing is, I think it’s because Mormons put themselves out to be Christians. I don’t know if they still do it, but I remember around Christmastime some years ago, you saw a commercial from the LDS church and you were given a phone number to call and you’d be sent a free KJV Bible. I mean, that actually sounds pretty Christian.

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Now all you have to do to get their free KJV or BoM is go to their official websites and request them.

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Wouldn’t mind a copy of the Book of Mormon (I in no way, shape, or form, want to be Mormon), but then they’d have my address.


If you rent a PO Box, you can have it sent there. That’s what I did. Alternatively, you can go to your local library and check out a copy. Or if you have a Kindle or Amazon Fire Tablet, go to this link and download it. (You can always delete it later.)

They also refer to the Pearl of Great Price and Doctrines and Covenants alot. So you might want to familiarize yourself with them as well. Here’s a link to all 3 in one volume.

Oh, if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read it on your smartphone or PC. Amazon’s Kindle app will either be on their website or in Google Play.

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