Why do Mormons claim to be Christians?


IV. The Disposition of the Recipient. The person to be baptized, who already has the use of reason, has been instructed according to the very strict norms of the teaching and faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It must be maintained therefore that one cannot think that the Baptism received by that person is anything different from what he was taught. It does not seem possible that the person would have the same disposition that the Catholic Church requires for the Baptism of adults.




RESPONSE TO A ‘DUBIUM’ on the validity of baptism conferred by «The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints», called «Mormons»


Yep. Mormon baptisms are not valid, which means, they are not actually baptisms.


I responded to what you posted, and showed you were in error.


Yet I refuted everything you posted.


You may be projecting what you think I’m saying, cause you haven’t refuted anything I’ve posted.


Have you not read anything above? I refuted your weak arguments.


Like I said, you are projecting rather than reading for comprehension.

You said their baptism wasn’t valid for the wording used.
I searched for the wording and refuted that reason.

Everything else you are refuting is in your own mind.


But I then provided you with actual theology from the Church that refuted your viewpoint, can you not read? Look up.


You are going up against the teachings of the Church. Cafeteria Catholic?


Again, you fail to comprehend.

I never suggested their baptism would/should meet the requirement for a Catholic convert.

I said they seemed to meet the generic definition of Christian, the one you find in a dictionary.


The generic definition according to the Church is valid baptism. You cannot be a Christian without valid baptism.


Please be more mature than flinging ad hominems


Funny you’d be the one to say that since you started off attacking me with ad hominems, anyway, I am not attack with you ad hominem, rather, I am informing you that you are going against the Church.


If you centered your life around Christ’s teachings, you wouldn’t be Mormon.

Mormons are not Christian. Full stop. Period.


There you go, projecting again.

I’m not doing anything against the Church, and I fully support Mormon converts also being baptized as part of their conversion to the Catholic church.


No defense?

You are saying Mormons are Christian in any sense of the word. They are not. They do not have valid baptism, they follow Joseph Smith, they worship a god foreign to Christianity, they believe in multiple gods, and they believe they themselves can become gods. That is utter blasphemy and very far from Christianity.



You might want to bone up on Theosis, before you keep throwing rocks.

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