Why do Mormons claim to be Christians?


See, there you go with your ad hominem again. Projecting much?


Suggesting you read up on Theosis is hardly an ad hominem


I know what Theosis is.


From reading your posts, no you don’t


I sure do. I hope and pray that I will achieve full Theosis, that is the goal of Christianity afterall. Becoming one with God in his energies. God became man so man can become God.


I don’t see where anyone suggested you are DOING anything against the Church. It is your belief that Mormons receive Christian baptisms, and are therefore Christian, which goes against the teaching of the Church.


Are you suggesting that the Mormon Church believes in Theosis as the Catholic Church does?


They also baptize living people in place of the dead who were not baptized in life. It ain’t right.


I just had an epiphany.

The Book of Mormon is called:

The Book of Mormon: Another Testamemt of Jesus Christ

It was just a printer’s error. It’s real name:

The Book of Mormon: Testament of Another Jesus Christ


Yeah. I performed hundreds and hundreds of those baptisms. Sorry to say …


Stephen, @thephilosopher6 very clearly said I was

@thephilosopher6: I am informing you that you are going against the Church.

As an observation, even most protestant denominations have doctrine that goes against the teaching of the Church. If they didn’t, they’d be Catholic. LDS and JW differences are just more numerous and significant.


I said you’re going against the Church. You’re not doing something bad to it.


Anyone who read your complete conversation with thephilosopher6, and speaks English as a first language would know he was talking about belief, not action.

Correct, Mormons are not Christian according to the teaching of the Catholic Church.


Don’t put words in my mouth I didn’t say. I only quoted @thephilosopher6 and disagreed with his statement.

Also, nothing I have said was even ‘against’ Church belief. I referenced the dictionary definition, something you would expect non-Catholics (LDS) to reference if they were claiming to be Christian. I never suggested LDS meet the Catholic definition, nor should they be seen so. I responded to the title of the thread.


Anyone that speaks English as a first language could see I wasn’t putting words in your mouth. I’m glad you agree that Mormons are not Christian according to the teaching of the Catholic Church.


Verse 4 is clearly not Trinitarian. (Perhaps when you say Joseph Smith started out as a Trinitarian you had another verse or statement in mind. Please share if this is the case.)

The definition of the Trinity includes the following assertions:

  1. The Father is God.
  2. The Son is God.
  3. The Holy Spirit is God.
  4. The Father is not the Son.
  5. The Father is not the Holy Spirit.
  6. The Son is not the Holy Spirit.

(There’s other stuff too, like the the hypostatic union of Jesus’ natures and consubstantiality of the Three Persons. Knowledgeable forum members can fill in any gaps I’ve missed.)

Anyway, verse 4 you cite above violates assertion 4. Declaring that the Son is the Father contradicts Trinitarian doctrine.

I hope this helps…


Puh-lease, the whole purpose of this thread is to proselytize Latter-day Saints.


This is a Catholic forum so Catholics can proselytize, just like on an Orthodox forum Orthodox can proselytize, and on a Mormon forum Mormons can proselytize.


Verse 4 is consistent with 1 thru 6 in a proper understanding of the Trinity.
Joseph Smith started out as a trinitarian as he wrote in the 1830 version of the Book of Mormon. The most obvious trinitarian verses were removed as Joseph Smith’s beliefs in the nature of God changed,


At least he admits that the BOM says that the Son is the Father.

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