Why Do Non-Catholics Go To CAF

I am curious as to why Non-Catholics go on this forum. Was it to debate (US VS THEM)? Was it curiosity?

I originally wound up here because I was Googling to find out the origin of something my late mother used to tell me about (she was raised Catholic but became a Jew.)

I stayed because I noticed lots of threads asking about things Jewish, and decided to stay to try to answer what I could.

I also find a lot here I agree with, since traditional Jews and traditional Catholics share a lot as far as views on morality go.

I came to CAF because I read the anti-neo-pagan apologetics article and decided to answer it. I stayed because there are occasional threads about neopaganism and wicca, and I make it my business to counter misinformation and confusion on those subjects.

When I came here a few years ago, I was Catholic.

Now I’m not.


I am not sure what to decide. I came here thinking I was going to get enlightened. What made you decide to leave? I think the CC is a little to legalistic.

I struggled with various aspects of Catholicism and Christianity for a few years. For a while I said, like Peter “To whom else will I go?”, and for a while I was comforted by the Eucharist, but even that was like eating ashes.

When I couldn’t even muster the faith to say the Creed, I left.

I think that Catholicism probably has it the most right of all the Christian religions, but I couldn’t tolerate the attitude of “We’re the only religion with the full Truth.” My understanding of the Divine is no religion is completely right and no religion is completely wrong (well, most aren’t anyway).

I question some of the basic tenants of Christianity and some of the scriptures. My experience of Catholicism is such that there is little patience with doubters. So I went to find a place where searching was looked on with a more gentle eye.

Ditto! :stuck_out_tongue:

I came here because I’ve always respected the catholic church. I realize it is the original church(orthodox not withstanding), and it is only by accident of birth that I am a protestant. Personally, I’ve always thought that Martin Luther and his bunch are burning in hell, but the protestant church is still Christian…

As a Catholic, I just wanted to say that I’m thankful that this forum has many non-Catholics. I appreciate hearing a different perspective, even if I don’t necessarily agree with it. In general, I think the non-Catholics who post here are very repectful of our faith.

I am a former Catholic. A few years ago I came here to check something I had been taught, that a friend has asked about. I wanted to know if it was just what my family said, or if it was a real teaching of the Catholic church.

Then I got interested in other threads, etc, so I hung around. Now, I mostly just come here to the Non-Cath forum, and jump in every now and then if I have something useful to add.

I’ve had experience in Protestant churches, and in the pagan community, so I have some insight into that too.

But I’m not nearly as active as I was for awhile. After I first came, I thought I’d at least give Catholicism another look see, having been away for about 20 years…to see if it was what I thought or if I’d left rashly.

But I think I did the right thing.

I don’t have any interest in converting anyone away.

I don’t want to pry if you don’t want to say, but I’m curious where you ended up.

Hard to say. I’ve been attending services at the local Unitarian Universalist Church, but I don’t know that I’ll stay there.

Right now, I’m still just trying to understand me, my place in the world, and my relationship with The Divine.

One man’s two cents…

These answers seem to be elusive when pursued head-on. Sometimes if one sets about helping others then these answers start to materialize in the periphery and then make themselves known. It is one of life’s sweetest paradoxes.

I go to a Catholic college, and came here in order to learn more about Catholicism. It’s certainly worked. :slight_smile: I’m thinking about being a theology major, also.

It’s kind of ridiculous when I know better than my practicing, mostly conservative Catholic friends about parts of Catholic doctrine…and I’m not even Catholic!

None of the poll selections apply to me.

When I first began posting here, I did so because an internet friend of mine, a Byzantine Catholic, made a general request for eastern Catholics to participate in the forums here because the general level of misinformation about eastern Catholicism floating around here seemed inordinately high.

Plus, it was interesting most of the time, there was a lot more activity here than in other places. It was a much cleaner environment than Usenet. Karl Keating’s site has a lot of drawing power.

So I stayed, even after I was Chrismated into Holy Orthodoxy. That old friend of mine doesn’t seem to think much of me anymore, but what the heck.

There is still a lot of misinformation on the internet, and a fair share of that passing through right here. My main formal goal is to defend my Faith from misrepresentation, if I can. Sometimes I can’t, I’m not knowledgeable enough. My secondary goal is to learn more about what’s going on in the Catholic church today.

But I rather enjoy the distraction of the place anyway. I have a lot of troubles in my life and this seems to be one way I can relax and get my mind off of them, and maybe have a little fun.



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Tru dat.

Since I’m Catholic I of course didn’t vote in the poll; but one of the main reasons I participate on CAF is to debate such worthy adversaries as yourself. To quote Lisa Simpson:

“Everyone needs a nemesis. Sherlock Holmes had his Dr. Moriarty, Mountain Dew had its Mellow Yellow, even Maggie has that baby with the one eyebrow.”

I actually came out of sheer curiosity, on a mission to find out of if the Catholic Church really was the Whore of Babylon, a mystery cult, idol worshippers, and cannibals.

I decided that was all ****.

Now I’m converting. Go figure.

There’s something missing in my Church and part of me wonders if you people have something I don’t.

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