Why do non-Catholics send missionaries to Hispanic Catholics?

This has been brought up in the evangelization category, but I would like to hear from non-Catholics why they send missionaries to do mission work and to evangelize in countries or American neighborhoods that are populated predominantly by Hispanic Catholics. I have my hunches but I prefer to have the facts.

It´s a very good question. I am a Catholic Lay Missionary in Bolivia South America. It´s a predominatly Catholic country, but there is a large Morman Temple in the city where I live and I have seen several smaller temples here, one 2 houses down from the Catholic Church. I see a lot of Morman missionaries here. There also are several seventh day adventists churches and Jehovah Witnesses as well. When I meet Protestant missionaries from the states and I tell them I am Catholic, they wince and practically stop talking to me. I really wish someone would light a fire under that butts of Catholics in the states. Wake up and do something!!! We need a missionary training center for Catholics. Why not?

Why do Roman Catholics want Protestants and lapsed Roman Catholics to “come home to Rome”?

A fair question. But I dont see Roman Catholic missionaries forcing themselves on others the way some of the Protestant missionaries do here. I dont go door to door. I am here working with kids, doing something. Nor do i go around bashing Protestant churches. My kids have heard the same lies told them that I have heard in the states about Catholics. Can you tell me how that is Christian. Did Jesus go around badmouthing others to get people to follow him. It makes me mad, and to tell the truth, sometimes I wish we Catholics would do them same thing. But then again, we have to turn the other cheek dont we? I have never in my life heard a priest badmouth another church. That´s the diference, at Mass we worship the Lord, we dont talk about what another believes and how its wrong or something like that. Guess I got off tract didnt I? Your question, because we believe the Church to be the Church Christ founded and we consider it a sin that the Church, the body of Christ, is divided.

I used to be a Mormon missionary in Latin America before joining the Catholic Church. Mormons send missionaries to Catholics because they feel they have the one true church and the people needed the true gospel of Jesus Christ rather than the corrupted gospel they believe the Catholics have. It’s as simple as that. The same is true for many evangelicals – some of them even think the Catholic Church is a non-Christian cult.

The Protestants that are doing missionary work aimed at Catholics do not believe that Catholics are Christians. Otherwise they would be guilty of “sheep-stealing”, as they call it.

That’s exactly it…they think they are converting non-Christians, or they like to pretend to believe that, but it’s more about growing the congregations, and then straightening out the misguided Catholics along the way. It’s been very easy for them to gather in Hispanics, who ethically have had a lot of emotion woven into religious practices, and the Pentecostals just ramp up the excitement level for them. It’s more about ME, how I feel about this, what I get out of it, lots of personal promises that appeal to the poor of what you can obtain from Jesus, now. To me, it’s not true WORSHIP aimed towards God for Gods sake and nothing else. It’s kind of like the New Age meets Christianity. But it works, unfortunately.

???:confused: What do you mean? Why wouldn’t we, I’m not sure what this question means.

I dont know if its true or not, but I have heard that some churches here actually offer to build houses if people join their churches. Also they have paid them to come to their church service when filming videos to send back to the states so the church looks full. Hope its not true, but that´s what I have heard from friends.

I think if you are not so sure, don’t say about this at all because it is greatly offending others without proof.

However, what I do know is that they support materially to those non-Christians a lot and take them to the church services. As an immigrant myself, I know this case about my friends who used to go to other Church services for the first couple of months when they arrived to the U.S. As soon as my friends and their family were on their own feet (ie. get jobs), they’ve stopped going to the church.

Out of all friends and families I know that went to the Church service, only one still has faith in God and goes to church.

This is an excellent question, and one with many answers.

I’m not sure most Catholics think very much about these poor souls who’ve been lied to by the sects and cults. Whether they come back or not is of very little concern to the vast ocean of Catholics. The only Catholics who really seem to care are ones like me, who have been suckered in by sects and cults, and have family members who’ve also been sold the phony religions. We care very deeply.

The good news is that many ARE coming home to the True Faith. Once people are shown the broken-down, ramshackle, rusted-out hulks of the cults and sects, they come home, and are very happy. It happened for me, and I’ve seen it happen for others. I expect to see a lot more of it happen.

I think for the most part, you’re right, most Catholics don’t look around very much to see what’s going on. But I’ve notice more and more starting to ask questions about what’s going on, especially with many of the new ‘super Church’s’ etc, since they get so much TV coverage. It’s a topic that comes up in CCD and RCIA now more and more, which is interesting. I think I’ve seen more re-verts in the last five years than in a long while, so Allweather, just keep it up, God knows we need you, and more like you.:thumbsup: Catholics, or the Church in general is so, hands off, or low key in this area, we just don’t evangelize like others do, we don’t get the word out or counter these other groups in a well co-ordinated fashion, but man if we did, or ever do, look out! Thank God for EWTN and all the great web sites springing up, like this one. Lots of people are where you were, my own sister (although she’s going through a amazing transformation), other people I know, so let’s pray they get enlightened.

That’s actually a part truth, but not entirely correct. What has happened, at least in a few rare instances, is that some extremely poor villages have gotten smart and learned how to “work the system”. They agree to let Protestant missionaries come to their town, and their charitable organizations build water supplies, homes, and community centers. This lasts for a while, and then another missionary group, often the Maryknolls, come in and “convert” them back, bringing more aid to the community. In a small number of cases, this flip-flop has happened a couple of times, with one group or the other eventually winning out, but with the town receiving competing aid which improves it to a greater extent than a single agency would. Whether the Protestants or Catholics end up successful varies from case to case.

That’s not always true. Remember that evangelicals have a very pragmatic approach to the Church. They tend to see church primarily as a means of saving souls. “Sheep-stealing” consists of luring away from other churches people who are truly saved (and alas, not all evangelicals see the evil even of this). If a person does not have a living relationship with Christ, then they are not a “sheep” and can’t be “stolen.” From the evangelical point of view, what matters is that the person be brought into a relationship with Christ, and whatever church can do that is the right church for that person.

Most evangelicals today do not think that Catholicism is simply un-Christian, but most of them do think that there are a distressingly large number of self-identified Catholics who are not real Christians. And they think that these “nominal Christians” are fair game. From their perspective, a “hands-off” policy would put boundary claims above immortal souls.

A college friend of mine who became a Christian Church pastor put it best. He had been on a summer trip to Chile, and I made a sarcastic remark about his having gone to convert the “papists” (i.e., I was implicitly accusing him of being anti-Catholic). He responded (I’m paraphrasing since the conversation took place a long time ago), “I’d be quite happy if the Catholic Church would convert them–but someone needs to.”

This, I think, sums up the evangelical–as opposed to fundamentalist–attitude to evangelizing Catholics.

On the other hand, Billy Graham adopted the policy–which made him anathema to fundamentalists–of sending Catholics back into their parish churches after they had made a “decision for Christ” in his crusades. This is one of the most truly ecumenical acts of the 20th century, IMHO.

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Sometimes I think that Protestant pastors can be ***too ***sensitive to the problem of “sheep stealing”. When I left one church seeking another, I spoke to the pastor of a church I was considering and he must have told me three times that he did not want to steal sheep. I had to convince him that this sheep had left its former pen and was looking for a new residence before he would really engage with me. :wink:

Well, I disagree. In my opinion he ought not to have received you unless he was convinced either that your former church had cast you out unjustly against your will or that it was utterly and irredeemably apostate.

OK, in practice I recognize that would be hard to enforce. If people have irrevocably left their former church and turning them away would embitter them, probably receiving them is the right thing to do. But the pastor was certainly correct to be cautious and to demand a good deal of convincing.

Why, theologically speaking, do you think this was a mistake on his part? Of course it was bad marketing. . . .

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It’s been very easy for them to gather in Hispanics, who ethically have had a lot of emotion woven into religious practices, and the Pentecostals just ramp up the excitement level for them.

I agree with this. Here, in AZ, as all well know, we have an abundance of Hispanic people.
More and more, they are meandering off to those assembly of god churches.
There is a Yaqui reservation here that now has 2 Catholic Churches and an aog church. Those are the only 3 churches on the reservation.

But of course they are sheep stealers as far I’m concerned.

There was a great article in Envoy Magizine about this
This is the link

Wow, what a great article! Thank you for posting the link.

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