Why do other Christians "hate" Catholics?

I’m sure many of you have had some of the same experiences I have regarding many Protestants. I’m not sure what it is that makes them so hateful, judgmental, and rude towards Catholics. What is it? I feel that a lot of it is ignorance about who we really are, but what is their reasoning for their opinions?

The Venerable and Most Reverend Fulton John Sheen once said:

“There are not one hundred people in the United States who hate The Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be.”

That has been true in my experience.


I’ve heard that many times and fully believe it.

However, I’m curious WHY they despise us so much.

I don’t see other Christians “hating” Catholics more than the other way around…or more than people of other religions not liking other people of other religions.

Some people are afraid of or have disdain for or are confused by anything or anyone who is different than they are.
Sometimes, they are trained to think/feel this way so that they don’t leave their group.

Catholicism may have amassed more “anger” than other Christian denominations since it’s been around longer, and since it is the original one everyone was “protesting”.

But in general, when you talk about someone “hating” someone else…it happens everywhere–no matter the place, religion, race, class–the details don’t matter…and it’s unfortunate.


Wow, I don’t know you can pin it down to one thing, but the perception that Catholics follow a “works based non-biblical” gospel and are therefore a false religion normally underpins the hatred.

And this is not to say that all other Christians hate Catholics, its just that the ones that do are very vocal about it and most of those would argue that Catholics are in fact NOT Christian.

Because the only way they can really justify their existence is for us to be wrong. Otherwise, if we are right, they had no reason to separate from the Catholic Church and they would have to admit that they are schismatics and heretics.

Since of course, they’re not likely to admit that without reconciling with the Catholic Church, the only other logical recourse is to conclude that the Catholic Church is wrong.

Hmm, the title of this thread is rather extreme. “Hate” is such a powerful bad word. Of course to flip things around it could be said and asked:

Why do Catholics and other Christians “Hate” Homosexuals?

which of course will lead to “We don’t, we love the sinner, but hate the sin.” SSA is not inherently bad, but the lifestyle is a grave sin, so they must remain celibate and chaste forever, blah blah blah.

So I think the “hate” other Christians have towards Catholic is quite miniscule when you see all of the blatant hate and fear Catholics/Christians have towards Gay people. :shrug:

The word hate was in quotes for a reason. How about not hijacking the thread to talk about gays…I’ve had enough of those debates to last a while and it’s irrelevant to the thread topic.

Bye bye now

This makes sense, but I highly doubt (with the anti Catholics I’ve encountered ) that the thought process goes that deep and that far back.

Thanks for the point though. I’ll file that away in the ol memory bank.

As Bishop Sheen has already been quoted as saying: "there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be.”

This comment of yours could be placed as “Exhibit A” as evidence of the truth of Bishop Sheen’s statement.

Thank you. :thumbsup:

Hmmm, does the Catholic church believe:

  1. Masturbation is bad
  2. Birth Control is bad
  3. Gay marriage is bad
  4. Birth control is bad

That’s Exhibit A of evidence of quite the CORRECT perception of the Church.

Please, nobody feed the troll.

Any Christian that hates anyone isn’t acting in Christ. Therefore I cannot give an answer, nor can anyone. If a Catholic hates a person, or a Protestant then it’s not due to their religion but rather apart from it.

Protestants do not necessrily ‘hate’ Catholics.
But fundamentalism, which I was briefly part of, generally does.
Here’s and old blog post I wrote:

Fundamentalism and Hate.
Fundamentalism is built upon schism and as such is a breeding ground for one of the deepest of human sins: hate.
This was a hard fact that I did not see at first, looking at it in hindsight, now I can see it. It just wasn’t hate towards Catholics, it was a hate directed toward anyone who was not like them.
My first shock came in my first pastorate, when I encountered Christians who were sympathetic to the Ku Klux Klan. They reasoned (a few preachers I talked to were also were of this opinion), the KKK was a “Christian organization”. Later, I would discover many of the Fundamentalist heroes of the past were VERY sympathetic to the Klan. William Bell Reilly, Bob Jones Sr. (one of the buildings on his campus is named after a Klan grand dragon), Bob Schuler, Frank Norris and others.
This was very disturbing to me because I knew it was wrong to support hate.
To even suggest starting a church in a black neighborhood drew blank stares. “Why?”, would often be the answer, “They have there own churches!! A black fundamentalist needs to be in a black neighborhood.” When a black family tried to join our fundamentalist church, they were told “you’re going to take over this church!!” We never saw them again.
There was also class hatred. A preacher told me once not to pursue those who were in a lower income bracket because “Birds of a feather flock together”, and would not “fit” into the church.
They can be most hateful toward each other. Churches split and then the splits split into even smaller groups. The splits, most of the time, have to do with personality conflicts within the congregation.
If the preacher has a particularly charismatic personality, he can easily lead followers away from the offending church to start a new church. The bitterness toward the splitting churches can become almost violent in its passion, and in a few incident does indeed become violent.
For fundamentalism was birthed from division, and it’s offspring continue to divide.
Worst of all is the irrational, vitriolic, bordering on insane HATE of the Catholic Church. This I did not see, or apparently mind much. I truly hated the Church that “sent my father to Hell”. The preachers would proudly proclaim the “Roman Catholic Church is the whore of Babylon!! The Pope is the anti-Christ!!” Never mind that neither of these views can be proved from scripture.
I am NOT saying ALL fundamentalists hate. I AM saying the culture that surrounds it tends to feed it.
Generally you find people, of any group, are haters because they cannot intellectually or spiritually overcome an emotional response. They are satisfied not questioning the status quo. Once one starts questioning, the claws and fangs come out and they act, quite frankly, unchristian.
It’s easy to throw out meaningless and uneducated statements like: ‘the Pope is the antichrist!! The RCC is the great whore!!’. It arouses the emotions of the crowd and they scream AMEN!! without ever questioning the statement. Sadder still is finding Bible verses to ‘justify’ the hate. Claiming we are ‘commanded’ to hate.
I’m not using the word “hate” as in the common usage of today. Disagreement does not equal hate. Hate is spawned out of fear. You hate and fear what you know or think you know. The scary thing is, many cannot see it, deny it’s there, or use a different word for it (“we’re ‘fighting’ fundamentalists”). Hate, if left unchecked and not repented of, will do physical as well as mental and spiritual damage.
It’s easy to say ‘well God hates’. What God ‘hates’ are things that oppose His holiness. His ‘hate’ is not stained with sin. Human hate, is stained with sin because we are fallen creatures. To invoke God in our hatred is to find a ‘holy’ excuse for our sinful expression. God’s ‘hate’ works toward redemption, not destruction. Human hate only wishes to divide, ridicule and destroy in an attempt to prove Genesis 3 correct: we can be as God.Perhaps the underlying problems fundamentalists find themselves in have their roots in the hate that is produced.
If that is so, can it be called truly Christian?

Really, it is a mixed bag. I would advise rewording it to “Why do some other Christians ‘hate’ Catholics?”

I have a friend who has a deep respect for much of the Catholic faith but hasn’t quite gotten there yet himself, and funny enough he pointed me in the direction of some “Christian Tracts” that address the evils of Catholicism. We read through them and laughed.

I don’t know how it started, really, but there is a lot of ignorance about what we believe. I mean… a lot. Those comics I read were funny not because of the hate but rather because of the absurd claims against us. It was a little more sobering when my friend pointed out that he really does know a lot of Christians who actually do believe a lot of the lies out there.

Yes, because of all the Catholics you see going to religious services attended by homosexuals and disrupting them by mocking their religious rites. Or the Catholics who go to gay pride parades and dress up to mock them and insult their beliefs. Or the Catholics who are trying to force homosexuals to perform wedding ceremonies for them.

OH wait…

I’m sure there are lots of reasons, but I think this is what it comes down to. We human beings have a tendency to place those different from us into the category of “other” and we don’t often take very great pains to understand those “others”. That tendency cuts every which way.


I think that the posts here so far have been right on the mark:

  1. “Other” Christians don’t hate the Catholic church (or Catholics). They hate…if hate is the right word…what they perceive the Catholic church, and Catholics to be. They are almost invariably wrong.

  2. They cannot believe themselves to be right unless everybody else…perhaps specifically Catholicism…is wrong.

  3. Humans are tribal; they have ‘in’ groups and ‘out’ groups. Members of their perceived ‘in’ group have great difficulty thinking of any other group as ‘as good as’ their own. Considering anybody not in the ‘in’ group as inferior and wrong is pretty common, especially in religious matters.

  4. It ain’t just the ‘other Christians’ who hate Catholics, folks. The above points are also very true for those Catholics who ‘hate’ others. You know, like Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses or (insert belief system here). Now me, I understand being on the ‘being hated’ side of the equation very well, as do many of you. Do you understand the reasons why many of you are on the ‘hating’ side?

Because many of you absolutely are.

And yes, I know Mormons who don’t think much of other religions, too. It’s a very human thing.

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