Why do our little girls wear veils for their 1st Communions?

My daughter received her first Communion yesterday. Yeah!!! What an emotional day. She looked like an angel. Anyway, my stepmom, who is Mormon, was there. She asked why the little girls dress like “brides”. I told her that white symbolized purity and the veils symbolize innocence (sp?). Was I right? I don’t remember where I heard that from so I’m not sure if I was correct or not. Does anyone know for sure?

Congratulations to all who received sacraments this season! May the peace of our Lord be with you always,

Found this in “Our Sunday Visitor”

The exact origin of the wearing of veils for First Communion is shrouded in history. Among the Romans and early Christians, women always covered their head. Among Western Christians, the wearing of the bridal veil is all that is left of the distinctive veil of the married woman, common to many parts of the world and known long before Christianity. Head veils are still customary in many countries, especially where the Muslim religion predominates.

The Christian significance of the veil was its symbolism of marital fidelity. Its association with virginity was a later idea. Before the liturgical changes of the 1960s, all Catholic women covered their heads with some sort of head covering each time they entered the sanctuary. The Fourth Lateran Council in its consideration of Communion by children said only that children must be suitably dressed for the occasion. The tradition of Communion veils probably stems from each of these earlier customs.

[quote=Tantum ergo]Found this in “Our Sunday Visitor”

Thanks for the info. I learn something new every day.

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