Why do people assume a man is incomplete without kids and wife?

. . . same difference. You get the same rationale.

because god told us he made woman for man. unless you have another calling in religious life. If you havn’t found the right person is one thing but to never desire it seems sad.

I guess you’ve seen the competing thread…same difference. :wink:

**Cyberparty! **:dancing:Let’s get the assumed incomplete men and the assumed incomplete women together!:stuck_out_tongue:

Just think - it’d be fun. We could meet and matchmake, or meet and swap war stories.

Seriously, I think it’s something all singles go through. :wink:

Now I’ll hop back over to the ladies’ thread and put in my :twocents: worth! :slight_smile:

This thread sounds familiar.

I think single women get looked down on more than single men. Just from what I’ve observed.

Same thing said as in the other thread though. I can’t control what someone thinks of me, so I don’t really care.

For those who are called to singlehood—their lives ARE complete by definition in that regard.

And hey the suffering single person who feels called to marriage has a special share in the Cross. They are an exceptional channel for God’s grace to enter the world. :o

I think single women get looked down on more than single men. Just from what I’ve observed.


I agree. There is a vocation (Consecrated Virgin) for women that are not religious but no equivalant for men. I wonder why. This is different than being a religious sister.

Interesting point about women “being looked down on”. WHO’s usually doing this? Friends? Parents?

Tough thing about the single guy deal is that you are automatically assumed to be gay. That’s generally something unpleasant to get tagged (unless you are).

And your opinions are considered a bit more light-weight if you’re not married; you’re a “kid” and viewed as less responsible.

In the corporate world, there also may be a sense that single men are less mature and have a tougher time getting that “responsible” position.

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