Why do people go crazy over celebrities or the royal family etc?


I meant this on a personal level. In wider society I agree that the rich have gotten very rich and the middle class poorer.


So true! I keep trying to tell friends of mine this (especially during the recent megamillions lottery frenzy) but no one seems to see it this way. I guess it’s pretty universal to want to be super-rich, or at least fantasize about it, but as long as you have enough material wealth to be happy, why isn’t that enough?


In the course of reading this thread, I kept thinking about a young woman who joined our office as a summer intern. She was bright and well-spoken, and she knew her way around a spreadsheet, but what struck me most about her was how interested she was in the love lives of rappers and their girlfriends, and whenever a celebrity rapper announced he was having a child, she became really interested in talking about it and speculating what kind of father he would be. I found it really odd, because she spoke about these people as if they were close personal friends.

I think something similar is going on with the British royals, because when the news broke that Meghan Markle (is she Meghan Windsor now?) was going to have a baby, the media went agog and I noticed a similar kind of transference going on. I can understand and appreciate that people who work in the media deliberately play up stories that they might not be personally interested in for the sake of ratings, but the newscasters talking about the royal baby nevertheless seemed personally invested in it, especially the female ones. I remember reading somewhere that people in their minds have relationships to celebrity actors and entertainers that can be described as ‘intimate strangers’ in which they convince themselves that they ‘know’ them personally.


There are a few celebrities that I would like to meet but only if I could sit down over a cup of coffee and actually talk to them. I have zero desire to stand in a crowd or line just to wave at someone or get an autograph. I’m just not mesmerized by celebs…just curious about a few. I certainly don’t worship anyone like some fans seem to do!

And what about sports heroes? I’ve seen guys get almost squeely over seeing some sport star! Many sport heroes ruin any expectations when they open their mouths and can barely speak in complete sentences. A few are very well spoken. I suppose any hero worship is our desire to live someone else’s life rather than our own mundane existence. Not me! I like mundane.


From my personal experience, those who pursue a particular celeb and aren’t the preferred gender for a romance with them often do want to be like them or have their life, be as good as them at a sport or in songwriting or whatever.

There’s another group of people who just like being around celebrities in general and are more fascinated by the concept of celebrity glamour than by a particular person.


Yes, and I often wonder about myself whether my skepticism about celebrity worship is just a form of snobism. In other words, would I be any less starstruck if I attended a dinner party full of highbrow writers, actors, musicians, etc.


As a college student many, many years ago I waitresses in a hotel with a fancy schmancy restaurant where many celebrities dines while staying there. After the very first time I had to wait on a table of famous people I recognized I lost any sense of fascination about them. They eat and burp just like everyone else. The do, however, tip overly generously. I think they feel obligated to due their being famous…or maybe they just feel sorry for us lowly peons. Most were very nice, some not so much but they were all very plainly just humans. They quickly lost any shine they had in my mind.


These days if they don’t tip well, they quickly find themselves the subject of a gossip sheet article about how Joe Celeb only tipped his waiter 10 dollars on a 500 dollar tab.


@Pattylt yes and I used to work at a literary agency where a few of our clients were relatively famous people. I got a thrill when I answered the phone and it was one of them but that diminished over time. I had a professional reason to be talking to them and it kept me grounded.


And royalty have to be professionally impartial, however much they may want to use their position and influence to shape the country.

The Queen the other day made some IMHO innocuous remark about Brexit and it made news headlines as being a comment on a taboo subject. Must be hard constantly having to bite your tongue and pretend you don’t have any strong opinion on public events. Worse still when it is someone like the Queen who has spent 65 years regularly talking to top-level intellects and statesmen and probably has a lot she could contribute.


Especially considering they are doing it using taxpayers money.


Celebrities are quite important to society . . . after certain types of apocalypse, they could provide vital source of protein.

OK, so that’s their only use, but . . .




This is an excellent essay written by Father Dwight Longenecker on Noblesse Oblige.


I do like Harry and Meghan and I agree that the Invictus games is a really great idea.
Prince Harry has seemed to mature a lot from when he was younger and I sure that his mother would be very proud.
Im just not sure that I would stand there for an hour just to get a glimpse of him.


Is that jealousy?
I didn’t think I was coming from an angle of jealousy but more coming from the angle of all ‘men’ being created equal.
I guess I’m just not easily impressed and I can’t think of many people I would line up/stand/wait for many hours to see except the Pope.
I don’t desire to be a Princess and I don’t have any jealousy or negative feelings about the British monarchy having a lot of wealth but I do wish they would use the majority of it to help people in poverty and suffering rather than just lavishness.
I understand it has its place though and I can understand people would have affection for them…
The people I am personally jealous of is usually due to looks and not money.

Even a signature on a piece of paper from my favourite singers or from people who have helped people a lot who I really admire wouldn’t really mean much to me.


Rozellelily, it’s really up to you how their lavish place in society makes you feel. If that isn’t the case, use the example of their publicity having a negative impact on someone else to find what’s eating at your spirit (if anything).

Confession is just plain easy!


That’s how I see it:)
Having a dinner with someone you really admire would be good or attending a speaking engagement, but what’s just a signed piece of paper or a wave.

Regarding sport,I think some little boys are taught from a young age to put sports stars on a pedestal.
My guess is that it’s partly natural but also partly conditional,but the reality doesn’t always turn out meet the expectations (sex and drug scandals etc).


I’m not sure if I expressed myself clearly😬.
I was more stating that I’m not bothered by them having some lavishness.
It’s not affecting my spirit as I don’t care that much.
I’m just more generally curious about why some adults get startruck (not necessarily about royal family,could be towards celebrities,actors singers etc)


They seem to me somehow well suited.
They sort of look alike in some ways and I’ve always thought that couples that look alike are a good match :laughing:.

I don’t know her views but if she is a feminist as another poster mentioned above then I likely wouldn’t agree with some of them.


I saw a photo of Meghan and Harry arriving in Fiji and as Meghan walked the red carpet the return tag hung from the bottom of her dress for 5 minutes unnoticed.
I was really into celebrities for many years and spotted many celebrities on visits to
Hollywood. Now that I have matured, they don’t have the fascination they used to have. Especially when they become political know it alls.

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