Why do people go crazy over celebrities or the royal family etc?


It’s probably a lot easier to manage the death of your mom when you aren’t immediately shuttled off to a foster home or plunged into immediate poverty without her income.


That’s borderline treason friend :P. My brother, who is in the Canadian Army reserves, swore an oath to Her Majesty… as well my wife, as an immigrant, when she becomes a Canadian citizen within the next couple years. Unless we eventually become a republic (God forbid…at that point we’re basically indistinguishable from Americans :wink: ), let’s keep at least the pretense of decorum here.

My family has always watched the Queen’s annual Christmas address. As Christians in a country where politicians won’t dare mention the “G” word, let alone the “C” word, it is nice to know that our legal Chief of State boldly speaks of putting “Christ back into Christmas” on international television…as she has.

The Church traditionally saw monarchy as a reflection of the heavenly order. That’s why the monarch is anointed with sacred chrism…a ritual that goes right back to David. God save the Queen!


I suppose you could call her that but more properly it would be Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. The name Windsor is really only used by “lesser” members of the royal family who don’t have their own title ;).

She does contribute, and has, by all accounts, done so often over the decades, but in private in meetings with the Prime Minister of the day.

Yes and no. The Queen generates considerable income in her own right through her estates…as does Prince Charles as the Duke of Cornwall. They voluntarily pay taxes on those considerable incomes. They also generate HUGE tourism income.


It is also unthinkable for a Protestant mentality if a person is honored in life, and after his death, they are endowed with titles and properties that are mentioned in prayer, or they are asked to pray for them.
Those priests who are called today “your superiority,” “your holyness,” “most blessed,” tomorrow , after these high priests death, the people will pray and ask them for help from heaven.
In some areas in Orthodox Church people even kiss the hands of the priests and bow down or kneel in front of them.


Australia has a Tasmanian woman who married into European royalty, Princess Mary. Britain isn’t the last real life example. There are some high profile women from the middle east who are regularly in the west, and working for different causes. Or judging different disciplines they are expert in


there you go, a great example of media misperspective, rather then discussing her speech about struggling to afford education or any thing else she was promoting on this visit, you, me, anyone watching finds our focus on the tag on the end of her dress because thats what the media focussed on.

Trump had toilet paper stuck to his shoe , and walked onto a plane with it, that made headlines too. I think its a form of bullying.

its school yard stuff, ’ ha ha ha look at that *** with dunny paper stuck to his foot. ’


They are Sussex not Windsor because he is the Duke of Sussex


People in the US don’t hear about those royals and don’t follow them. Nobody here associates Australia with royalty and we wouldn’t go there for that.


One thing I noticed about USA , in reporting global news and events, everytime I was in the USA, was that your news media was quite insular. Great at reporting national events but not global events.

I would imagine global news and events are becoming better disseminated in USA nowadays with social media.

You as a country, might associate Denmark with Royalty, especially your yachting fraternity, which I found to be extremely strong contenders . And very familiar with international contenders.

You might be surprised to know there were American tourists and competitors here for the Royals opening the Invictus Games and also to compete in them. After all, the Invictus Games is for returned service people regardless of their nationality. There are American competitors still here competing. We , as a country , love sport, and televise every minute of the games on a couple of channels.

I counted several American visitors amongst those being interviewed while waiting to see Harry and Megan at different locations.


That’s nice. I’ll be muting now as this is another debate I don’t wish to enter. Bye.


tis bearself, I seem to be repeatedly commenting on how written communication can be so misunderstood and taken the wrong way , because body language and voice inflection is missing. I find with my communication with you, if I offer another perspective, you interpret it as a debate. Its not a debate. and in fact one would think that its wonderful to have the international competitors here for the invictus games, after all , they are all people of many countries who became disabled in one form or another because they were fighting in a war to allow us to be free.

I wish you well , and again, this is not a debate. And exemplifies how we speak the same language but its meaning is very different to each of us. and its interpretation.


I had a friend from New Zealand and so that is how I know about the connection and interest with the Royal family with Australia and New Zealand.
Why does simply mentioning she had a return tag hanging off her dress constituent bullying by the way?
Knowing that they have people who travel with them who are responsible for their wardrobe was the point of my post. Was her wardrobe attendant new to the job I wonder?


its the way its reported in the media. and really, does it have to be reported. whats the point? Is the point to make her more like us. or is the point to poke fun at her.
Her poor wardrobe attendant, that would be a massive job, we all make mistakes in our work.

in a movie , leaving the tag on is funny, it means, the dress is going back after the event. Did you see the coverage of Trump with toilet paper stuck to his foot, boarding his plane?
so instead of focussing on where why or what of the trip, the media focussed in on the poor man boarding a plane with something we have all done, I am sure.


Behind that thinking is an assumption that wealth really does make you a better person. I mean if poverty really is that bad for you then wealthy people must be better people not having experienced it.


I know protestants who kiss the photographs of their dead family members. And some even talk to their dead when visiting the grave. It’s really no different.

God Bless


So if she were to write a check would she sign it Meghan Duchess of Sussex?


Maybe just Meghan. It is interesting that we still refer to some people such as royals and bishops by their first name. What is interesting is that this was normally reserved for those we are familiar with. This has changed significantly but when I was a kid you referred to strangers or superiors as Mr. So and So.


Well there’s also a direct legal connection. Elizabeth II is Queen of Australia and Queen of New Zealand after all.


I actually think she would- or some variant of that… peerage titles are legally recognized in the UK.


I’m sure you understand that I would never throw a rock myself. LOL

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