Why do people hate us SOOOO much?


Check out this page from Baptistpillar.com… All the stuff they say is so full of garbage and falsehoods its unreal!!! I converted over recently from being a Baptist, and I know what is said about Catholics, but this really takes the cake :frowning:

here it is baptistpillar.com/bd0039.htm

I really dont know what to say :shrug:


People hate us because they don’t understand us. They don’t understand us because they aren’t willing to understand us. Besides it was basically promised to us, I mean Jesus did say this “if the world hates you, remember it hated me first” pretty darn explanatory to me.


I know what to say: this is a standard part of the history of the Church. There have always been slanderers around, even more wicked, even more blatantly untrue.

One thing I am never afraid of is that they may be able to harm the Church. That is impossible, if there is one thing that is going to stand for ever it is the mystical body of Christ.

Being upset is natural - but the whole thing is not worth a thought, it is such utter nonsense.


I am going to have to look at it when I have the time. I would pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you and I would pray for them.

Jesus told us to pray for those who persecute you. So you ought to do the same to them, pray for their conversion of the heart.


That’s like the biggest “straw man” on one screen ever!

It’s almost comically incorrect. I like this line especially as one of the reasons Catholics are supposedly so hateful: “We claim as Bible believing Baptists that Jesus Christ started the First Baptist Church.”

I am also quite underwhelmed by the amount of sources for the historical claims on that page.


I find praying is the most comfort thing to do and it gives lots of hope when thinking/reading such materials. To be honest, I try not to read too much of those materials; however, be aware of things like this and pray more and more.


Let me quote the great defender of the faith, Saint Thomas More here:

"unlerned people had better occupy themselves, beside their other business, in prayer, good meditation, and the reading of such English books as most may nourish and increase devotion… then in the learning what may well be answered unto heretics. "
(The Confutation of Tyndale’s Answer, preface - my transcription).

I think that is about all we can do. Don’t let it get to you, just prepare yourself with prayer and education in your faith.


I like this advice. I have recognized this when I had first come to CAF for one or two months. It helps me pray more than try to “defend” - I am not good at it yet.


First off. I would say that I don’t necessarily believe that Baptists believe what that website says. My best friend is a member of the Baptist Church and she and her husband have never attacked me because I am Catholic. Having said that I do remember when I was young being harassed to no end by the kids from the Baptist Church. I think people are a lot more tolerant now than they were when I was young. I think people who attack us now for being Catholic have no idea what being a Catholic means.


People will often criticize what they don’t understand.


I find that page an interesting example of what I call propaganda.

Notice that there is no references to prove their case?

It’s all rhetoric that they expect you to believe simply because they say it is all so.

I love this one…

The Vatican hates true, New Testament, militant Baptist Churches for the following reasons:

Can anyone provide a single statement from the Vatican that will prove this to be true?

Of course not! Why? Because it’s a false statement. They cannot cite any proof texts because such do not exist.

Here’s another one

.When the Jesuits are conspiring with the Communists in South America they are called Christian missionaries–but when one is killed by a terrorist, The Gannett News Syndicate proclaims “Roman Catholic Priest Martyred.”

See any citations that prove this ever happened? Why do you suppose that is? (Hint:See the underlined sentence above…)

Another winner!

Baptists claim apostolic origin with One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism. History reveals that the Roman Catholic Church evolved as a split off of the true New Testament Church when Cornelius won worldly favor over Novation in the second century. By the third century, the worldly counterfeit Church was wed to the world by Emperor Constantine.

That’s funny… not all Baptists claim that. In fact, a great many honest Baptists do exactly what we are doing right now. They shake their heads and wonder where in the world someone came up with this. (Looks like “Trail of Blood” based propaganda to me.)

This will be my last citation…(The rest is just more hooey)

Because of our Bible:

Constantine ordered Eusebius to destroy hundreds of copies of the Byzantine Manuscripts and replace them with a new corrupt copy. Origins Hexapla and other perversions were being substituted for the Majority Text. What followed? the Dark Ages 480-1400 AD! Very little light (except within true churches) was seen due to Jeromes Latin Vulgate, Jesuit Bibles and the Rheim Text. Baptists were custodians of the True Text: Waldensian Bibles, Old Latin Vulgates, Syriac copies, Erasmus’ Text, then Wycliffe’s and Tyndale’s Bible. These Bibles and Greek Texts were burned by the thousands by the Harlot Church. Then came the King James Version which was later condemned and hated by the Vatican. Illiteracy and Ignorance are Rome’s favorite tools.Any historical proofs of these allegations? Do I need to point out again exactly why?

That last statement is indicative of just how messed up this propaganda is.

Check your history. Who was it that founded the schools and universities all over the world prior to the barbarian invasions that brought on the “Dark Ages”? And then after they were destroyed and Western Civilization was all but collapsed, who was it that came over from Ireland and re-evangelized Europe, bringing with them the Word of God as well as scientific and classical literature as well? Sure as vitam aeternam wasn’t the Ana-Baptists.

BTW…Ana-Baptists are called that because they preach rebaptism. Where is that in the New Testament? I know of only one case, and that was when they had only received John’s baptism.:dts:

Oh, and the 1611 KJV Bible they are so big on…
That’s not the one that they use. I have held in my hand an actual 1611 Edition KJV Bible and guess what? It had 73 books in it! I can’t tell you how many times I have pointed that out to KJV onlyists, and none have offered a good answer. Why? because it’s true and they don’t want to talk about the fact that it had all the books in it up until the mid 1800s when some Bible society decided to cut corners and take them out.:shrug:


Baptists are out of the Church, though not through the fault of most individuals. The only way of justifying that is if the Church has fallen into heresy. Hence the urgent need for these attacks.


I is my opinion that many hate the Catholic Church because they have come to at least the subconcious realization that if the Catholic Church is not the Whore of Babylon then they must be heretical in their teaching.

The latter “can’t” be true so they work hard to make sure nothing as silly as historical or biblical interpritive accuarcy gets in the way of the former being true.



Good advice, but debating is so much fun! I was told this last night, because bad company corrupts, to stay away from debating atheists (a favourite pastime), and spend more time praying and reading the Scriptures especially.

Another reason why I quoted this great post is because the people who were responsible for me coming to Christ were actually Christ-like. They bore with me patiently, they loved me, fed me, clothed me, taught me. Mainly they were patient and kind. They were the embodiment of that passage “Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, does not boast, keeps no account of wrongs.” They never left me, nor forsook me. It showed me if people could do it, Jesus could too. It was as more about what they did than their ability at polemics.:wink:


I’m a new Catholic and have a Baptist friend who I write to. I am getting somewhere. He’ll admit now that I am saved, even though I am Catholic. :smiley:


I don’t think hating us is meant personally. That would impart to it some semblance of rationality. I think some folks are just in the habit of having something on which they can vent their hostility. They feel entitled.

The Church is everywhere. So She is a convenient target. I think also that the authority of the Church calls into question the legitimacy of building private empires of ideas.

I agree with others who have previously posted on this thread that praying and holding the light to those who are genuinely searching for answers is the better part of valour.


Not all Baptists go for the Whore of Babylon thing. Or the pope is the antichrist thing.

I know one Baptist that argues there is only going to be one AntiChrist and that speculation on it is going to place a lot of people in hot water by attempting to point fingers as to who it is. By the way, he thinks it would be more accurate to think Muhhamed is the Antichrist.


They hate the Church because the Church stands in judgement of them and their beliefs. If the Church is right, they must be wrong (and apostates, and heretics). So they must prove the Church wrong, and not just wrong but also evil. Only then are they justified in their own beliefs.

Don’t forget what John Henry Newman said about Protestantism:

“If you would have some direct downright proof that Catholicism is what Protestants make it to be, something which will come up to the mark, you must lie; else you will not get beyond feeble suspicions, which may be right, but may be wrong. Hence Protestants are obliged to cut their ninth commandment out of their Decalogue. “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour” must go, must disappear; their position requires the sacrifice. The substance, the force, the edge of their Tradition is slander.”


Thank you. I have been wondering about this. Thanks for the link.


Evil will attack his biggest threat to dragging souls to hell to be with him in his misery. We are the way to salvation, and he knows that. And therefore we are his first and biggest target.

Sadly for him, the gates of hell will not prevail against us. So, while it’s disheartening to us, to me it is just more confirmation that we do hold the fullness of Truth. Satan would not bother trying to destroy something that wasn’t real and true to begin with.

Does that mean that these people are evil or possesed by the devil? No - but I believe evil attacks in the most subtle and deceiving ways, and without knowing, they attack us on his behalf.


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