Why do People of faith treat others with Malice & Contempt


An Ex is using bible quotes justifing the threats he is using to hurt me.

I met my Ex the weekend of my highschool graduation in the late 80’s. He told me about the lord and read bible to me. I was raised in Islam, yet I did have christain relatives of various demonations. He was very intelligent on knowing the whole bible.

I left the marriage almost twenty years ago because of the physical, & emotional harm he was causing me; Beside being lock in the house (our front door was the kind where you can lock it from the inside as well as the outside, when the key is taken out, it was lock). Too many times I was told I couldn’t leave to visit my family or see my old friends who he thought weren’t very christain in his eyes.

For years I wondered if he was still in my hometown or still alive, sometimes I would google him to see. Curiorsity got the best of me. Well I had belong to a friends internet group site, and had photos of my new family (with my current knowledge of it). I didn’t use my real name, just something unique. My Ex found me and sent letters to me saying I was a whore for leaving him, copy & paste all my photos of my family, joined the various groups that I had belong to and told the groups with my photo paste that I was a bad mother and not very christain (I can’t use the words he use). When I found this out about the stealing of photos and groups. I was shock and canceled everything. But now I found out there’s a group form (on the friend’s site) deicated to me and wishing me dead, which is very hurtful to say the least.

He is very angry and scary. I’m just stump on how a person of “faith” can do these things. My Ex writes like I left him yesterday, and I’m a evil person. The bible quotes he uses saids it all. He uses alot of proverbs. I do not read the bible as much as I should, but I thought a person from Jesus would be a little kinder. Do a lot of people who think they been hurt can actually justify the actions since it’s in the bible? My Ex thinks he’s on a mission from god.

This person says I had no right to leave the marriage, since man is over is wife like god is over the church. It’s in the bible. There was a quite a few reasons why I left, but one was he talk of doing physical things to children & confided in me he was a flasher. I was lucky in this marriage we didn’t have children. My ex doesn’t remember any of this.

My question is: Is there alot of people who are christian or think they are and use the word of god to justify harming some?


There are people who claim to be Christian simply because they read the Bible. What they don’t seem to understand is that there is more to being a Christian than reading the Bible or even attending church. A Christian is a follower of Christ. Being a follower of Christ means that you would want to do as He would do. Those who do not act as Christ would are not really Christians. They are only fooling themselves. God knows what is in their heart, just as He knows what is in yours, mine and everyone else’s. We can fool ourselves and even others but we can never fool God. Your ex does not sound like a true Christian but that’s just my opinion.


Your EX sounds mental!

I don’t know why you would even think he was a man of Faith… from all that he’s done to you.

I have a friend who’s Ex said the same things, used Bible passages to justify raping her…mental.


The Russian writer Vladimir Soloviev wrote a story called the “Anti-Christ”. In it the Antichrist receives an honorary doctorate in theology from the University of Tubingen and is a great Scripture scholar. This story is a warning against the abberation of Scriptural exegesis that is rather common in our world. The Pope also mentions this in his book *Jesus of Nazereth *in relation to Jesus second temptation in the desert where the Devil quotes Psalm 91:11 (pages 34-38). This whole passage in the Bible takes on the form of a dispute between two Bible scholars, the Devil presenting himself as a Bible scholar.

My point being that thorough knowledge of the Bible certainly does not make one a Christian. One can know everything and yet understand nothing!


There are many people, from many different religions, who use things to justify whatever they want.

Your husband is one of those people. He sounds like he has a mental problem.

If it were me, I’d contact the police, give them all the evidence of his stalking and harrassment, and let them deal with it.

Don’t let this hurt YOUR faith-- I hope you will go back to Church and seek to live a holy life. Your husband is a warped person, he does not represent all – or even most-- Christians.

Are you Catholic? Can you go talk to your priest about this?


Your ex sounds like he suffers from mental illness. People of great faith can become victims of mental illness just like anyone else - what is so awful for you is that his mental illness means you suffer.

Keep in mind that the chances that most people who know him also know he has these problems are very high. They are not going to take anything he says about anyone - including you - seriously, so don’t worry about him ruining your reputation.

Take whatever legal action you can take to protect yourself and then hold him up in prayer. This will not only do him some good it will help you get through this difficult time.

You are in my prayers.


I’m so sorry for all the pain your ex is causing you. Youmust realize that he is a very sick and dangerous person. That has nothing to do with his religion. He is not living according to his faith, he is warping it to his own desires.


I am divorced from since 92’ and remarried in 2001. I took classes in RCIA in 2005 and now I’m a catholic. I have been talking to my priest, trying to get some healing from my past that’s has caught up with me. I am in another state so it’s kindof hard to get any kind of stalking order, plus my Ex uses alias. My current spouse doesn’t like this mess I’m in, and has told me I shouldn’t have look to see if my Ex was still on this earth. He’s right, yet it’s too late to wouldof, couldof, shouldof. My husband doesn’t like his pictures on the the site I decscribe with all this ****; I did find a few internet legal orginzations that are currently helping me ratify this. But it’s taking time. I am stress out, and trying to understand how someone can use the bible for their own benefit.


Please take your time and re-read all the previous posts. Your question has been answered multiple times.

Your husband is using the bible for his own benefit because he is not right in his mind about what the bible really means or what being a Christian is all about. Please try as best as you can to “let go” of trying to figure him out. This will be hard to do.

Actually, I think you already know why he is this way…it is just so hard to beleive. I will pray for you, please take care.


I want to say thank you and to everyone else who have prayed for me. I recieved notification this morning that the site has been pull off regarding me. I am happy that I have accepted christ to be my savior, and I am a catholic. I do know things take time, it’s hard to understand that sometimes. I am becoming active in reading the bible and joining groups in my parish because of the stress.

Thank you all again.
Also I asked that this topic be closed for any more disscusion.


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