Why do people overreact so much to this?

While, fraternal correction is a must. While the truth is the most important thing. I understand there is NEVER an excuse for sin. The way some people overreact to it, makes me feel they have forgotten what it means to be human. We sin every day. I think we should all try to be better. Sometimes I think people forget to be charitable. Even during the times, I was closest to God, I still found myself sinning. Although, we are all sinners. I still think God differentiates and judges us differently according to our intent, situation, maturity, etc. I think there is a **BIG **difference between a boyfriend & girlfriend having sex versus someone who wants to have sex with any attractive person they can find. There is a difference between using foul language carelessly and accidentally saying a foul language because you stubbed your pinky toe. :rolleyes:
While I do not endorse condoning sin, I do not think there should be a harsh overreaction to. When I confess my sins to priest, they have corrected me. They do not become upset that I am back three weeks later with the same sins.
Maybe it is not as easy as you think you fully drop all our sins.

Good point.
If we zealously reacted to the resurrection instead of our sins the would probably be a lot less sin.

Who is this directed at? Who is “you”?

I think while what you say is all quite true, we must also keep in mind that this is specifically a moral theology forum. It is a place where moral theology is discussed in abstract/theoretical ways, which can come across as cold and technical to some people.

People seeking personal advice are generally better talking to their pastor/confessor than asking for such advice here - which is usually the theme of the responses they get here anyway. Or they can post in the “ask an apologist” section if they are uncomfortable asking their own pastor.


What it means to be human? Making moral mistakes is not within the human nature which God has originally designed for us to develop.

People react so violently to sin because they know its many deadly effects, and where it comes from.

You’re absolutely right Cratus. Sometimes it seems that people on the forums are so gung-ho to “correct” their brothers and sisters that they forget that in the correction should also be patience and understanding. When Jesus was correcting people, he gently instructed them to “go and sin no more”. Because what God is, before anything else, is Love. Love is not so tolerant as to let people off with bad behaviour, but love remembers that the road is narrow, and while the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak.

Depending on the sin, I think sometimes correction may or may not be needed. Or perhaps maybe a gentler correction. There is a fine line between people making mistakes and someone deliberately sinning. DO NOT TREAT THEM THE SAME. While you argue sin is not a part of human nature, why do people commit them? There is no real way to stop sinning in thoughts and in deeds, even if you tried your hardest. Humans cannot make themselves perfect. This is no excuse to deliberately sin. I would not expect perfection from others though.

Everyone here, especially ME, need to read and digest your very simple yet powerful observations!:thumbsup:

Remember that God is Mercy. He knows we will trip up many many times. Asking God for forgiveness is what he wants. He wants us to go to him and say sorry but i really need absolution and will try so much harder not to sin again.

You could commit the same sin 1,000 times and God will forgive you 1,000. You have to believe that you will not sin again. Its all about trying your very best. Don’t worry if you fall. God is always there to pick you up!

I find the best correction to sin is a demonstration of what a virtuous life looks like.
The joy and peace that it spreads to those around.

I think it has become more about proving you are “right” than anything.

I think you need to provide a better example. By not judging or condemning means we should not judge the state of one’s soul. And if someone does that, they are wrong. But we certainly can help to preach the Gospel, which includes a turning from sin. I am annoyed many times by the “protestant” idea that we are all sinners. But Your post is especially confusing at the conclusion of Lent. 6 weeks after we put ash on our heads to renounce sin. And a few short days before we mark the role we play in the killing and crucifixion of Our Lord.
Perhaps you could clarify with an example. You may stick to the premarital sex example if you wish and just expand upon it. Because in my experience, the reaction of revulsion to sin is not over reacted to in any circles. Even Catholic ones.

Honestly, maybe I do not know that much about the Catholic church ideas about sins. I thought we are all sinners. I did not mean that to be judgmental. Sorry.

Really? Maybe I know good Catholics. How is sex with your boyfriend/girlfriend worse than sex with random people? STDS, poor reputation, etc.

Those are biological and social issues. They have nothing to do with reaction to sin or the culpability for adultery…

There is a difference between exercising prudential judgment, and being judgmental of persons.

I include myself in that :blush:

The couple can later get married. Not only this,if there are no consequences for fornication why is it a sin?

But often they won’t. And they can’t know for certain at the time that they will, even with the very best of intentions.

There are always consequences for fornication - typically bad. But it is sinful even if the bad consequences don’t happen to occur. It is bad because they are likely to occur. It is prideful and arrogant for anyone to decide they know better than God and the Church, who have always taught that fornication is a grave sin and bad for people and society.

So - an answer to your original overriding question - one reason why people may “overreact” to issues discussed in this forum is that sometimes seriously grave sins are discussed as if they are “no big deal”.

I am a married man. I have fidelity to my wife and we become one in bond through the marital act, which is both procreative and unitive. When we engage in relations we consummate life creation with God. We participate in the most intimate way in the possible creation of new life. Our marital embrace is indeed an imitation of God’s creation and this God, who loves us so much he died for us, gave to us this gift to share in the creation of new immortal souls with him. Not only that but in a wedding my wife and I ceased to be individuals but joined in one single entity and bond. This marriage of our souls that is permanent on earth gives us a HUGE advantage in attaining heaven. We have a partner. I will heaven for my wife and she wills it for me. Together with God we create souls that we also have a duty to get to heaven. The number one job of a spouse is to help the other become a saint. That is also the number one job of a parent. And sexual relations between humans was designed by God to facilitate this end goal. So, if you love someone, you will them to be Holy and you help them to do so. So many times boyfriends and girlfriends use “love” or familiarity to justify their sins. But what an abuse against someone! At least a stranger you are not lying to and speaking with a forked tongued. Telling them that love wishes them to taste the forbidden fruit. That God lied to them and they know better. (that is the original temptation.) At least a prostitute gets money for her soul’s peril. The boyfriend or girlfriend gets nothing but lies and peril. That is not love, it is selfishness and abuse.

It is a sad fact today that many do not understand the purpose or holiness of sex. And they do not understand that Jesus is as much present in the attempt to create life through the mechanical act of sex as He is in the Eucharist or Adoration. We cannot compartmentalize and invite God into our hearts and bodies with the condition that he is not present in our desecrations that we wish to partake in.
Jesus established the sacraments. He established marriage. And to sin against the sacrament is a very very serious transgression to God.

One final thought. Are you familiar with mortal and venial sin? Mortal sin separates one from God, and if one dies unrepentant of mortal sin one’s final destination is Hell. There is no other option. God does not make ANY exceptions to this rule. So, the unrepentant boyfriend and girlfriend can argue all they want with the unrepentant stranger hookup couple who’s sin was worse, it really does not matter at all. Mortal sin is mortal sin. Now certain factors can mitigate culpability of mortal sin or grave matter. But grave matter is grave matter. :shrug: They will have an eternity to argue about who is worse. What needs to happen is confession, repentance, forgiveness and the receptiveness to Grace to avoid sin again. God lays this out through the ENTIRETY of salvation history. And that merciful God, is waiting, waiting for that couple or those strangers to come to Him and receive ever lasting life.

Why do we commit sin? Because of Satan and our weakness.

Sin drags us into Hell. God did not design Adam and Eve to sin and risk living an eternity of hell-fire, but they chose that kind of existence for themselves and their offspring.

We, with divine assistance and prayerful competence, can make ourselves perfect, or close to it. The Catholic term for it is ‘spiritual perfection’. An article of terms is linked below.


It’s true that we shouldn’t expect others to reach perfection, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t refrain them correcting some of them in a blunt manner.


Correcting *everyone *in a blunt manner, is of course imprudent. Some persons have especially sensitive personalities, and these personalities must be respected.

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