Why do people say that pro-choice is pro-abortion?

I am a Catholic and believe in the teachings of the church about abortion. At the same time, because I do not believe that a political state needs to be a theocracy, why is it unacceptable to be pro-choice? That does not mean that I take part in abortion. It just means that I recognise the rights for people who are not converted to hold different views from mine. While I will do all that is possible to persuade them and to convince them about the immorality of their actions; the choice is still theirs. I struggle with this and I have as yet not heard a clear argument. Many thanks, Sandra

Dear friend,

Would you say that others have the right to murder and steal because to prevent them from such activity would be imposing a theocracy on them? Friend, no one has the RIGHT to do evil. Otherwise, it would be permissible to murder and steal. This holds true for everybody, including non-believers. God gives us the freedom to choose between evil acts and good acts. But He doesn’t give us permission to choose the evils acts; He doesn’t give us the RIGHT to choose them. We know this, not just from Revelation, but from natural law which can be known by non-believers as well as believer.

“Pro-choice” advocates never state what the choice actually is. They say that every woman has the right to choose what to do with her body. But this choice includes what she chooses to do with ANOTHER’S body as well. No one has the RIGHT to CHOOSE to kill an innocent human being–even at the expense of the inconvenience of giving birth.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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