Why do people think Catholics pray to saints?


i have a couple of friends who are Protestants. And they have been to a Catholic and said they do not agree with Catholics becuz they pray to saints. and my mother who grew up Catholic. She said they have no idea what they are talking about becuz she said Catholic church was found by Jesus where he said to Peter " upon this rock i build my church the gates of hell cannot prevail against it" she also said Protestants how that started was by King Henry something that wanted to divorce his wife and the pope said he cannot do that, so he went along and made up his own religion.
I have been to a Protestant church ( no offense to protestants) but it completely sucked. the pastor had a pic of a ipod puppy dog on the screen and was like " so did anybody in here get one of these for christmas for your kids, they are great gifts" They never said " our father who art in heaven" nor either pray for other people. they were all praying about themselves.
At my catholic church the nuns pray about people and important stuff and we always say " lord hear our prayer"

my mother said us Catholics so not pray for saints but it’s intercession.

i heard in Baptist churches where the pastor are saying out loud “LORD WHEN WILL THIS TESTING END?”


It’s an easy form of attack, sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you explain something, people will always make the wrong assumptions because they want their version to be true- they want Catholics to be doing stuff like that.


Because our requests to the saints often take a form appearing similar to prayer, many assume they are prayers. It probably doesn’t help that most Catholics refer to these requests for intersession as prayer. It allows others to play nasty semantic games.


Because they do pray to saints. “pray” means to ask, to make petition for or entreat. That doesn’t necessarily imply worship. Eg. “I pray you, good sir… help me find my lost watch.”


Yes, although I am a stickler for using the proper terminology to avoid misunderstandings, I don’t see what other word we can use for the word “prayer”. Yes, we pray to saints. We ask them to pray for us and to intercede on our behalf. So sue us… :slight_smile:


I think non Catholic understanding is largely due to our terminology that “we are pray to St…for …” without the attendant qualification “to intercede to God for us” - we rather take it for granted that there is that understanding.


Some Catholic sources

A compelation
These should justify this ancient Christian practice held by 70% of Christians, (making it a mainstream practice).

If the protestants, with “coverdale’s” help had not removed from the scriptures, I could more directly site from the bible, as it is, God often uses angels to intercede, and Romans 10 just about proves he uses mediators, and the passage on one mediator refers to the sacrifice on the cross, as shown in the refernce to Apostles and authority just previous, not speach to God, or otherwise the Holy Spirit could not translate our prayers, without discounting truth, nor would the Angel have spoken to John in revelation, nor the angel who spoke to Saint Peter.

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