Why do people think God in the Bible is mean or a monster?


I really don’t understand why some people think that God in the Bible is a monster, mean, hypocritical, unloving, etc.

Makes no sense to me.

How is it that some people have their views this way?


For example, that time He destroyed the world and killed everyone in it. Asked a father to kill his son. Or that time He sent bears to kill children because they were calling a man “bald.” That sort of thing.

There’s more, but I think that’s a good start.


Because God is very irate in much of the Old Testament. I mean, in the New Testament Christ calls some people a pejorative and does tell some people outright that “if you do x, you will not experience y in heaven” or things like that, but that’s it.


Monster?!! seriously?

NO…for one he created the earth and all things in it for us as provisional sustenance. He gave us his only begotten son JESUS for us as a sacrifice for our sins. He saved lot, he saved Noah, he saved/freed the Israelites from the pharaoh by parting the sea. He rescued many from dangers untold and gave us the gift of life and eternal life if we will do as he commands which is love…if we love others we will do them no wrong. He is the heavenly father GOD; whom is the creator and the potter and we are his pots so to speak. We are to love him and love his son JESUS and our neighbors; this is the fulfillment of the law.

“Could this be construed as one whom is a monster?”

From the beginning in genesis we are told that god was on the world in the garden with Adam and eve, he instructed them and told them what to do. He also told them what not to do…eat the forbidden fruit. Instead of listening eve proceeded to fall with her temptation and consequences occurred, because they did not listen and as a result we were given hardship.

Just as parents give guidelines to their children and set boundries and rules, how much more do you think GOD our heavenly father gives us as children; guidelines and rules?
It is for our own good and benefit that he offer us such excellence and wisdom. Rules aren’t meant to be broken, but meant to be taken and fulfilled because we love him. We love his guidelines and rules because they are for our own good.

As for seeing him as a monster…NEVER! I see him as GOD the heavenly father with glory and praise through his son lord JESUS.

Praise be to GOD the heavenly father and his son lord JESUS CHRIST forever>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Don’t forget Jesus’s violent behavior with the moneylenders in the temple.


I think it’s that in the Old Testament God is often a god of wrath and often does things that appear amoral if not immoral to modern minds. I sometimes have a hard time reconciling my idea of God and the behavior of God in some of these Old Testament stories, such as when he commits genocide (in the story of Joshua and the Canaanites I think it was) or causes little children to die for example (cf “By the waters of Babylon”).


They interpret the Old Testament literally, either forgetting or unaware that Jesus quoted Hosea “I want mercy not sacrifice” and told us God is a loving Father who cares for all His children, not an implacable Judge intent on vengeance and destruction.


Not every interpretation of events in the Old Testament is infallible!


Yes, look at the story of Jonah and the whale. It seems more like a parable than a reportage.


I agree yet in spite of their primitive customs and naive interpretations of natural events the Jews surpassed every other tribe with their pure concept of God, superior moral code and detailed anticipation of the coming of the Messiah. They were after all, in spite of their shortcomings, the Chosen People to whom we owe our faith, hope and love - a fact overlooked by anti-Semites…


Yes but only the ones who accepted Jesus as Messiah became Christians. The rest were like the Pharisees, they stayed with their old concepts of God, and rejected Christ.


Non-believers have quite a few reasons to take away that God is a moral monster in the OT, but they are only out to find negatives anyway.

Nobody ever said that this world would be peaches, there is pain and there is suffering (and a lot of it) but that brings out a greater love IMO…we aren’t promised paradise on earth, its what comes after that we were promised as long as we continue down the path toward righteousness. In todays world, nobody wants to be odedient, nobody wants to repent, and nobody wants to believe that they aren’t in control of their own existence. Unfortunately we live in a world of greed, ego, money worship, etc. but we can’t let that get in our way!


Non-believers have quite a few reasons to take away that God is a moral monster in the OT, but they are only out to find negatives anyway. How do you know that. Do you know all the “unbelievers?”

But God supposedly created all this, including the suffering according to most on the board. Why? no one has a real explanation except that we are somehow this Deity’s permanent children. I’m 56 and people still want me to listen to daddy, even though he has been silent for over 2,000 years.

Why people think this is because they were taught from an early age to believe that God is in charge. I don’t believe that and that is fortunate or I’d go insane watching the children die terrible deaths like little Laney Brwon of Reading, PA.Leukemia at age 8…I’m sure that served some purpose…of course not. It was a hideous accident of the world we live in.

I discovered all the inconsistencies when I was working very hard to strengthen my Catholic faith. In my process, my faith ended…such is life.


well they must be looking for positives then to disprove God’s existence :confused: just just seem to always point out the pain and suffering parts.

Everyone has their role, could’ve been you, could’ve been me, we’re no better than anyone else, we can only console them and try to give them hope. I techincally should’ve died at birth but I made it through for whatever reason, maybe it was “God’s plan” for me, maybe it was luck…i’ll never know until i die.

I hear “well why do kids die” or “why are their amputees” or “why are there wars” a lot but we can’t speak for God as to why it all happens but because others may be in less of a position than we are doesn’t make them any less of a human being, or an outcast of society. Some monstrosities are committed by free will and affect others well being. IF there’s a God, it was our choice to have free will (Adam & Eve) and if we had a chance to do it over again and know for a fact that our world today would be the consequences (wars, famine, disasters, etc) my opinion would be that we would probably choose the same way because we don’t want anyone else in control of ourselves, we are ego driven creatures. I believe you just validated that by “not wanting to listen to daddy” and thats ok, its your choice. Apologies if i put words in your mouth.


God tends to kill people a lot in the Old Testament, from the firstborn sons of Egypt, to the people who were living in Israel before Joshua killed them all, to the entire world during the flood. I believe in a God of mercy and love, and I still have trouble squaring that with some of the stuff that apparently happened before Christ. :shrug:


None needed I said it to make a point about the Christian God. Laney Brown was the proverbial straw. The senselessness of her death after thousands gathered to pray for her showed me all I needed to know. If it was God’s plan that I, and numerous others I suspect would see the plan for what it is, and himself for what he is, then he succeeded magnificently
It is all irrelevant to me now because I don’t believe in Daddy, and mine is dead. I cannot believe in a Deity who is capable of such well-documented cruelty.


Let us not forget the proper context here. Firstly we run into the fallacy of “judging” God’s actions based on OUR standards.

But let us remember what the purpose of events of the Old Testament was, generally. God was preparing his chosen people, the Jews, for the coming of Jesus Christ. For reasons that we can’t understand, God chose the Jews for this purpose. For this reason, he treated them differently than the way he treats us. He let his anger be shown against them, and helped them wipe out entire groups of people when it furthered the needs of his chosen people.

so to me, it’s all about getting done what needed to get done in order to reveal Jesus to us. Since the Jews were, at many times, a faithless people, God had to put on a display every once in a while.

My two cents.



Your first point is not a fallacy to me, more like a book review…actually, so is the rest except that I accept the historic Jesus,


Fr. Barron has a very good video on the topic of “God and Violence in the Bible” on his YouTube channel.


And some additional commentary:


How does the Lamb defeat the enemies of Israel? How do you distinguish biblical texts that should be read literally from those that should be read symbolically? What are the four senses of Scripture? Father Barron answers these questions in his video with additional commentary about “violence in the Bible.”


God has the Israelites kill every man, woman, and child.

God commands children’s heads be smashed against the city walls.

God tells the Israelites to kill everyone…except for the virgins which they can keep for themselves.

They Law of God states that if a woman is raped within city limits and does not cry for help, she is to be stoned…if raped in the country…she’s off the hook.

God killed the first born of Egypt…so much for innocence of the young.

And the list could go on and on…

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