Why do people try to paint Catholics as hateful

by quoting excerpts from the Old Testament to try and make a point?

Why dont they also paint Jews as hateful? They believe solely in the Old Testament but purposeully leave them out and only attack the RCC with it?. Is it because Jews are also a minority group that the people with an agenda to fill (the supposed victims) run the risk of being called hateful and bigoted themselves?

It is probably because many Jewish sects don’t mind birth control or gay marriage. And the ones that do are extremely small in numbers compared to the Catholic Church.

Which passages from the Old Testament are you even talking about though?

I dont have a bible in front of me right now so I cant quote directly, but the typical things such as people being stoned for their sins, eye for an eye, etc.

Its mainly just ignorance, like most attacks against the Church. That, and yeah, Jews are still a minority, so it’s not ok to attack them >_>

I think because they’ve been taught that Catholics are “weird” or because they’re different from Protestants. Some Protestants…well as we know say “They worship Mary,the Pope, and the Saints” “They don’t believe like we do” and say we’re “Pagans” and besides all of that, not supporting birth control makes people judge us. People think “Those freaks with 20 kids” Like the Duggars on TV(Even though they’re not even Catholic…I don’t think…I heard they were Baptist…) There are some people back where my mom grew up who have 21 kids…they are Catholic. So people think we have 20 kids, are Pagans, and say that Priests are pedofiles, or that they sleep with the nuns, and nuns are either ugly and can’t get anyone,or are lesbians. That’s what I can gather. When my Pentecostal friend found out I was Catholic, the first thing she said was “So you like worship Mary?”

Also, I just want to say…I don’t know why people are saying people don’t do the same to the Jews…because the people I know are awful. They can’t stand the Jews. It’s terrible. When they see someone with a big nose “HAHHAHAHAH JEW” “Freaking Jew” “Jew bagel” are some common insults amoung high schoolers. I remember in 7th grade they laughed studying about the Holocaust, and some kids I know basically worship Hitler. For a writing project a kid I know wrote a paper on how smelly, and disgusting Jews were and received a B…so people are very rude about Jewish people. I personally find it sad…

Oh yes there is no doubt Jews are the center of many awful, crude jokes. But not hated for the reason Catholics are hated, or used as an example, that their religion is hateful, when the excerpts from the OT used to attack Catholics are not applied to the Jews, when the OT is all they believe in.

Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. I think Christianity in general is thought of as “hateful”- because of the gay rights issues, and other issues and the Catholics to a whole new level…because we also have Protestants who are hateful towards us.

Because that’s all they can find to support their opinion? It’s almost funny, because if you think about it, someone must have a pretty weak argument if he has to dig back 2000 years to find “hate”.:wink:

The Old Testament was not even composed by Christians let alone Europeans.

At any rate… for sake of propaganda Catholics are also painted as white, racists, uneducated, misogynistic, and with priests coming from a social network or place of origin other than a Catholic family with a devout Catholic Mother.

But this is an era of propaganda - one in which I believe that will use propaganda to a level never reached in recorded human history. I remember reading in one of the Marine Corps magazines while I was sitting in the V.A., an article by an officer, basically stating how the U.S. military in conjunction with the U.S. Government, plans on using propaganda and psychological ops to engineer elections across the world and even indoctrinate Americans.

So, I use propaganda back. I often will state Catholics are brown, black, and Asian and priests come from between the beautiful brown legs of Latinas. In contrasts I say… Muslims are white.

Both are true statements. But part of the art of propaganda is to oversimplify complex issues. But more importantly you repeat that message over and over and over.

Most liberals would have a heart attack if they saw a white Chechen Muslim walking passed them while a dark skinned Mayan Indian Catholic passed them.

Catholic children can purchase into the anti-Catholic propaganda because they don’t have a lot of knowledge and life experience to draw from.

Normally because they don’t understand Catholic belief.

It does work on fundamentalist Protestants, though, who believe the Bible was directly divinely inspired by God. Because then you can claim that:

  1. They worship a God who, according to them, once advocated slavery, genocide, ETC.

  2. Supposedly, God never changes (James 1:17). If so, his opinions on slavery and his rules in Deuteronomy and Leviticus should still stand. Of course, if they claim that God suddenly became a nice guy or changed his rules then their opinion opposes that of the Bible, or the Bible contradicts itself.

Of course, I don’t believe it works against Catholics, because they don’t seem to believe everything the Bible says. So, if someone uses it against Catholics it’s because they’re dumb. So you should probably tell them what you believe. :smiley:

Yeah, I love how they paint us as “white” and “racist” yes,

Most of European Catholics are white…but there are Hispanic Catholics in Mexico, and the U.S…and there are Catholics in the Democratic Republic of the Congo…which is in Africa, and the Phillipines which is in Asia…yeah we’re all white and totally racist.:rolleyes:

I see this ALL THE TIME.

Usually I respond by explaining that while we view all of the Bible as the Word of God, we (Catholics) value the Living Tradition passed on through Church Fathers and Popes throughout the ages. I then challenge the detractor to read the Catechism. This is our guide book. This is how we interpret the Bible. I then challenge them to find ANYTHING hateful in the Catechism.

Usually they back down when I present them with this. None of them have been able to point out any ‘hateful’ passages in the Catechism. :shrug:

Now, if I were Protestant I have no idea how I’d counter all of this. It’s not as easy when you don’t have definitive Church interpretation set in stone for you. Private interpretation is a SCARY THING to outsiders. Thankfully we Catholics only get to a tiny bit of that. :smiley:

PS: And to answer your other question. I was told by an atheist that even if the Old Testament is a Jewish document, the Jews have NEVER tried to push their beliefs on anyone. Because of this they are acceptable while Christians are abhorrent.

Oh, and for the record, I often bring up the Jews when people accuse Islam of being hateful. I argue that it’s not really any more hateful than other religions that people will accept as being moderate.

The Protestants had their own propaganda about Catholics for centuries. One of the big ones they invested in was what is now termed “The Crusades.” The Crusaders never called themselves that.

However, secular anti-Christians have taken the propaganda of the Crusades and placed Protestants in that story of fanatical Christians. Sometimes at least.

Today in the U.S. Protestants and Catholics get a a long pretty good. This is in large part because the Republican Party and Democratic Party are the most significant religions in the U.S. today, and as such, most Catholics make their religion fit into one of the political party’s ideology.

So, liberal Protestants and liberal Catholics get along great at Democratic conventions. So, conservative Protestants and conservative Catholics get along great at Republican conventions.

Today… there are Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Socialists and atheists that respect the Holy See in Rome more than many Catholics.

Its not that Catholics dont believe everythig in the bible, its that we dont just go strictly by what the bible says, we also go by tradition.

In any case, what is your reasoning for it not “working” on Jews, when the old testament is.solely what they believe in?

Edit: I see your post after… And do people refer to you as being Anti-Semitic when you say Judaism is equally as hateful?

Yes, today the Catholics and Protestants get along pretty good, but there are still comments made, and thoughts are thought. I get along pretty good with people of other denominations, and religions, but I still think things. I know I shouldn’t though. :blush: Kids have said things to me about being Catholic, and I’m a freshman in high school…

Hispanics are the fastest growing ethnic group within the US Catholic Church and, Deo gratias, they are largely orthodox, firmly against abortion and gay “marriage,” etc. The US Catholics who are heterodox seem to be largely white and privileged. They are often advanced in secular education, but are either poorly educated about the teachings of the Catholic Church or think they know better than the Magisterium.

And btw, aren’t most new US priests non-white immigrants from Asia, Africa, etc?

Probably, yes they are. I don’t know that many white Catholics, only myself and about 3 others. I figured that’s just where I live though…Hispanics are pretty much the only Catholics here.

And, I’m not sure…priest at my parish here is Hispanic though.

Please don’t attack me for what I’m saying. I am also a Catholic.
I think one reason people often don’t notice or admit, is that it’s because many Catholics often ignore others when they are in need of help. People are different and even though a catholic priest or apologist may not deem their concern to have any worth, it is very important to the person coming to them for help. Dismissing their concerns as worthless can be the deciding factor against joining or staying with the church. How can you communicate with people who don’t even listen?
For example, I spoke with different priests about a personal issue and they just said they didn’t really know. They gave me contact information for a nun who corresponds with others to help them. No response, not even to let me know if she could not help. Someone who is a lector at a Catholic church is so rude otherwise, he makes a point of ignoring people. Someone else who is catholic. (personal) I requested a simple response. They said they’d surely respond, but nothing, not even to let me know a simple yes or no.
And this forum. I’ve asked questions to apologists, and they don’t even have the courtesy to send an email like every other website to let me know why my question was rejected. It was a simple and very important question to me.
That’s why so many leave the Catholic church because they are left feeling hopeless, not because the information is not available, but because of the way they are treated.
Again, I’m not trying to be hateful by posting this, just trying to make an important point. From many other horrible experiences with Catholics, I too, have thought about leaving the church. I no longer bother Catholics with religious questions. How can you stay with a church that ignores you and over the years leaves you in tears? The ONLY reason I remain catholic is because Jesus (God, not people) gave authority to Peter, carried on through those who are ordained.
Simple acts of kindness and courtesy are ignored. The most important law God gave, left out-Love God and love others. To love others is to love God. Treat others as you would treat yourself.

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