Why do people watch Oprah?

Why is she so popular? I am home sick today and was flipping through my channels. She had on a Roman Catholic family with 8 children, 4 of them turned out to be gay. One of the gay ones was an ex-seminarian and when he told his spiritual director he was leaving, the priest told him he would never be happy being gay. One of the other children turned out to be the head of PFLAG.

She is a success story that people love to hear. She is giving, caring, and loving to others. The sad part is that now her fame has so many people sucked in that she is able to start spewing garbage and it’s still seen as all of the above wonderful virtues.

I used to be a huge Oprah fan - but lately she has just totally lost me. The sex column in her magazine is vile, and the anti-Christian trash she is promoting is just an abomination to Christ and His Church.

Sadly - she has the ability to influence many many people simply because of who she is. Or was.


Honestly - Every now and then I’ll tune in for a just few seconds to see if she is underweight, normal weight or overweight. Most of the time I find that she is overweight.

She is a supposedly a guru on weightloss. With so many weight fluctuations over the years, I wonder why anyone ever listens to her.

That is my other beef with Oprah. Obviously she is one of the richest, most popular & most influential woman in the whole world and it seems like she just complains about her weight a lot.

Because she has lived it…

:hmmm: Oprah over whose weight ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I watch it whenever Peter Walsh is on. He’s fantastic.

I don’t have cable (and never will unless ala carte cable becomes reality), so I can’t watch him on whatever cable show he’s on.

Other than that, I never watch Oprah.

I think that one reason why people watch Oprah today is the same reason that people flocked to see the latest P.T. Barnum spectacle a hundred years ago–curiosity.

Like Barnum, Oprah is a master show woman who is often the first to interview the conjoined miracle twins’ parents, the domestic violence victim who went to law school and became a millionaire, the actor who joined a cult, etc.

Watching Oprah is like going to the circus or the freak tent–one amazing act after another!

I like him also…wish he was on more programs.

I’ve begun to dislike Oprah because of her refusal to question Scientology when ever Tom Cruise is on. To me, an intelligent person could not allow Scientology to go unquestioned. Why doesn’t she ever have a critic of this organization on if she will allow Cruise to come on her show and normalize it?

she is friends with John Travola as well…

I don’t know why she doesn’t question it

This may sound awful…but i have always found her repulsive. Not her physically, but her spirit. And by that reaction to her tells me we are dealing with a woman who just may have a spirit. Don’t get me wrong. I would be kind to her, etc but that does not mean I cannot pick up what is not of God in her quite clearly…in my eyes or spirit.

I like Oprah, I have also struggled with my weight, so I can understand her weight fluctuations. So I think it’s kind of mean that some of you are making a joke out of it. I enjoy her shows where she celebrates amazing weight loss with Bob Greene.

She’s also very generous, and I really do believe it comes from her heart and not just for show.

If I don’t agree with her views or find one of her shows uninteresting then I change the channel. I don’t hold it against her if we don’t agree on certain subject areas. In fact, sometimes it is interesting to see the view points of the other side. I think we could all learn something from each other if we just listen.

If only she would stop re-inventing Jesus! And get out of the New Age …which would re-invent Jesus right there!:mad:

You know, I never really understood Oprah’s appeal, but maybe that is because I don’t regularly watch her show and never have. I’ve seen an entire hour of it on occasion, but that is very rare, I’ve maybe seen a total of six hours or so. The one time I watched the whole thing was three years ago when my daughter’s teacher was on and received a lot of gifts from Oprah. Everyone in the audience that day was a teacher and everyone received many great gifts. That was a neat show, but probably because my daughter was so excited for her teacher (and she is a wonderful, wonderful teacher) and it was neat to see her on television.

The end is near.

I have no interest in her show at all and I have noticed by the
commercials she gets into new age stuff so that would keep
me away. She is most likely a very nice person but from the
topics she presents, she is pretty mixed up, she needs prayers.

They’re guilty of doing a lot of horrible things if you believe what people who leave it say. I’ve heard stories of members of the elite sea org being forced to have abortions over and over again for some strange reason. And it is the celebrities who keep it going by giving money to it. This is why I don’t consider Oprah to be a journalist. A journalist would ask tough questions to her guests. Oprah is just in it for the money.

Very good question. I’ve never really seen the appeal, and I think way too many people let her influence their lives way too much. Too many of her fans/viewers hold her to too high of an esteem. Whatever she began as in her career, she is now a celebrity, nothing more…

Her main audience is unemployed or underemployed people who don’t work during the week. Also, stay at home moms and people who work weird hours, and are starved for entertainment. Considering that daytime TV is a vast wasteland of gameshows and tawdry tabloid TV. Oprah stands out as slightly more pseudo-intellectually stimulating with her thin veneer of respectability.

She appeals, somehow to a common demominator, sometimes the lowest one. She appeals to less advantaged people who like to hear that she, too, struggles with her weight, it makes them identify with her.

Re: Why do people watch Oprah?

The short answer is: I don’t.

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