Why do Protestants accept the Trinity?


Now that’s just blasphemous!


Not for me.


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I agree the doctrine of the Trinity is compatible with the bible. If you start out with the doctrine of the Trinity in mind, you can find supports, and the bible does not exclude this doctrine. But this is not the same as being a doctrine the Bible alone would lead one to. If you started out with some other formula - for example, where the Holy Spirit is either not a distinct Person, or is a Person not equal to the Father and Son - you could also find bible verses to support that, too.

In fact various groups do just that. It does not good to say input from those other groups don’t count, because they are not really Christian, because that is circular reasoning. The same goes if you try to say the bible alone, plus Tradition, is sufficient for our current doctrine of the Trinity.

Sure, you can cite THIS A list of ancient scholars - what we call the ECF’s - as supporting the Trinity, and we can say THAT B list of other ancient Christian scholars who supported something else, well they were just the heretics, anyway. But SOMEone authoritative decided who goes on which list. Unless you believe in an authoritative magisterium, the whole Trinity doctrine is based on circular reasoning.


The earliest of “fathers” was the apostolic circle. They made it clear as can be when compared to the O.T.


And decided what books were to be in the Bible, gives us the Bible.




Perhaps they are led to their faith by the Holy Spirit.


i think the 66-books Bible supports the doctrine of Trinity. So, Protestants accept.


Protestants are intellectually dishonest. I know that because I used to be one of them.

You simply can’t figure out the Holy Trinity using only the Bible. Same thing to the Original Sin too.


they may be innocent, not necessarily dishonest. but why not?


So, that’s an interesting blanket statement.
Specifically, why is it intellectually dishonest? Who said only the Bible is used here ? Is there something that says the councils cannot be considered authoritative? Does the Bible contradict the Trinity? Is it flawed to read Christ’s Baptism and not recognize the Trinity ?


Why do your think they are dishonest?


I’m morse interested in ”Protestants”. Jomann seems to be under the impression that protestants are all subscribing to one theology.


Regarding doctrine and practice, using the term “Protestant “ is folly.


Somebody figured out The Holy Trinity, and original sin, somehow. What makes you think someone else could not do it again?


I’m an ex-Protestant and know this is true.

You can say “Protestant” to mean “mainline not Catholic” but you can’t use it to identify that group theologically speaking.

(LOL did that even make sense? :laughing::laughing:)

Telling a Baptist they’re equal to a United Methodist will not go well for the commenter.


There’s a lot more to the Church than only the Bible. “What does Jesus mean” is asked by enough people so that only one interpretation is needed. The popes and other clergy explain these concerns.


The doctrine of the Trinity is much much more than the fact that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are mentioned in scripture.


Because Luther based his theology of the Trinity on the Catholic tradition. And I guess later Protestants have not challenged it.

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