Why do Protestants accuse Catholics of not being Bible followers?


I don’t fully understand why, when our very foundation can be derived from the pages of our Bibles. We read Scripture every day during weekly mass, and on Sundays and holy days of obligation. I read daily readings, and reflections. I have a Catholic Bible that I read and reference. I’m curious as to why we Catholics are accused of following something other than Scripture, by non Catholics?:confused:


I’ve heard this accusation made repeatedly, though very few have noticed that, especially in polemics, the same half-dozen or so verses get quoted time and time again, as if they were the entire Bible.


Having at one point in my life attended Protestant services, I can honestly say I hear more scripture in the Holy Mass then in most Protestant services.
Many times only one or two verses were read then explained and interpreted for the next hour.


My dad (a convert from Baptist) and my husband (currently non-dom agnostic attending mass) have pointed that out as well.
I noticed, at service with DH (when we were dating), that very little time was spent on the bible. One Sunday, however, the “reading” before service was that Sunday’s Gospel reading. That made me :smiley:
But there wasn’t much focus on the bible during the actual service.


I think that many Protestant denominations memorize verses of the bible more than Catholics. They stress that during the childrens training. I really think they don’t understand how much we base our mass on the bible. How could they know unless they would attend mass?


And of course, the readings aren’t the only Scripture in the Mass–many of the prayers and hymns are also Scripture verses and passages :thumbsup:


Just read Lamb’s Supper for proof


Well, as a Protestant, maybe I can clear up a few things about how Evangelicals perceive you guys. First and foremost, you guys read the words differently. And of course, there is that bad rap when the Catholics burned Bibles. The Bibles burned were poor translations and they had good Bibles to replace them, but the Protestants claim that the process was too slow. Then there was that evil time in French history when reading the Bible was forbidden. The church as a whole has never forbidden reading the Bible, but a small group of bishops in medieval France did. It was all about Cathars or Albigensians who used the Bible to deny the Incarnation and humanity of Jesus and to teach Manichean dualism. Believe it or not, they taught that marriage and childbearing were wrong and the promiscuity, homosexuality, abortion, and even bestiality were good. That gave the Protestants plenty of political ammunition.

According to the figures that I have here:

The Evangelical church in the northwest suburbs of Chicago spent less than 6 percent of its Sunday service in Scripture. The fundamentalist church in northwest Indiana spent 2 percent of its morning in Scripture. The author’s Catholic church spent more than 26 percent of the time in Scripture. So there you have it, the Catholics are ahead by a long shot, however, you are not home free yet.

Besides reading the words differently, most Catholic who I know are clueless when discussing the Old Testament, especially the Prophets? If I were to recommend an area that Catholics need improvement, it would be the Old Testament and the Prophets.



It sounds to me like your answer to the question is “because Protestants have gone on a misinformation campaign about Catholic history.” Would that have any accuracy?


Because that’s all they’ve got. They threw out the Catholic Church’s authority and teaching magisterium. They threw out much of the Catholic Church’s Tradition and are throwing out more and more of it as the years go by, (and adding more and more of their own human-invented beliefs). The only thing they’ve got left to base their beliefs on is the Catholic Church’s Bible (even though they threw out some parts of it). And since it’s obvious that the Catholic Church has different beliefs than theirs, they are forced to make the absurd charge that Catholicism is unBiblical, or, even more absurdly, anti-Biblical.


Honestly, I don’t know why God the Father allows so much diversity in worship? Apparently, the Christian churches can’t worship efficiently without competing with each other for their Sunday offering? One thing is for sure, there has been so much wrong doing that no one can point a finger. As a Charismatic I believe that we can find new life in the Spirit. Only a free act of faith and conversion will change us as individuals. The Revelation of Saint John the Divine gives God’s messages to the Seven Churches in (Chapters 2-3) That will explain things better than I ever will.



By all means, everyone should invite in the Spirit.


Well if you want the truth, I’ll tell you the truth. Because Catholics have the Pope, which Protestants reject and we have tradition, which they also reject. In fact they do more than reject these two, they vilify the Pope and the Vatican, they completely reject out of hand the teaching authority of the Church and despise our beliefs. What better way to demonize the Catholic faith than to portray it as
1 Godless
2 Not Biblical in nature
3 probably demonically inspired.

It is good to remember that the first adherants to the Protestant philosophy generally considered the Pope to be the anti-Christ, don’t believe me,? read some of Martin Luthers work. make no mistake, while individual protestants may hold milder views on Catholics, their organizations distrust, despise and revile us.

It is time we stopped ignoring that fact and accepted it.


Honestly speaking most Catholics do not read and study the Holy Bible, and if they go to Mass they don’t necessarily consume the gospel messages that powerful eventhough they are present and hearing it. That is what I noticed to our fellow Catholics compare to other Christians who reads and studys the scriptures eventhough they are in their daily regular routines.
But… in fact,
We Catholics have the true and authentic way of worshipping our God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Laudater Jesus Christo
Instaurare omnia in Christo


Just my own observation, but these attitudes about Catholics seem almost to be an inherent part of Evangelical “tradition.”

I know a college guy who recently acquired religion, and became active in evangelical bible studies, even went off to a training seminar. I have heard him say in passing conversation, things like this: “Most Americans say they are Christians, but they really aren’t.” “Catholics don’t have a personal relationship with Christ.” “Catholics don’t read the bible.” He wasn’t trying to be anti-Catholic, but this was the sort of thing he had picked up in a very few months of active church participation in his group.

To me, he seemed to be judging the state of other people’s souls simply because they didn’t accord with his own recently learned theology.

I’ve been going to Catholic Mass for decades and never heard any priest make any derogatory comments about any non-Catholic religion. Yet he was a brand new evangelical and had already learned anti-Catholicism. I’m thinking it must be part of their tradition.


I agree with much of what you have said. I, too, have never heard any Protestant criticised in any Catholic church I have ever been in.

I have a friend that was “born again” and used to be Catholic. We went all through Catholic grammar school and hs together. She is now attending her 5th or 6th different Protestant church. She criticises the Catholic church all the time and she always says we were never encouraged to read the bible or have a personal relationship with Christ. IHer complaints get old, and it is very anti Catholic.


In my experience most protestants are the same, or even worse. And of course as mentioned most protestants get very little of the Bible in their services, so they can’t “consume” it even if they wanted to.


Who knows what Catholics do in their own homes though? I think some Catholics would be more fitting…not most. I honestly have no idea who is reading the Bible and who isn’t in my parish?


In my opinion, the short answer is:
Because we cannot cite memorized scripture in support of our beliefs.

Thanks primarily to John Martignoni and Patrick Madrid, I have started memorizing passages in Scripture that support Catholic beliefs and/or challenge Protestant beliefs. I’m relatively new to apologetics, but in all my discussions with Protestants, I can say that thus far, by the grace of God, they haven’t been able to score a point, for lack of a better term.

Learn to cite memorized scripture in support of our beliefs. This is the only way we will earn street cred, period.


Is God interested in us memorizing Scripture to show our love for Him?

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