Why do Protestants desire to marry Catholics?


My question to you non-Catholics is why if you disagree so much with the teachins of the RCC do you marry a Catholic?
My DH (Methodist)married me a Catholic and he said in high school he was always drawn to the Catholics but I said why?
He said he didn’t know. Any ideas? Dessert


My guess would be that they are searching for someone who exemplifies the beliefs they themselves have but can’t be assured that they will find in a Protestant spouse because there are too many different moral beliefs to say a (Medthodist) believes as I do or a (Lutheran) has all the same beliefs. I married a man that was raised Lutheran. Before we got too far into our relationship, he knew how important my faith was to me and to not be able to share it with the person I would spend my life with, would be futile. He converted about 2 yrs before we got married. I didn’t force him or anything, I just set the example and let him know I would like to share such a big part of myself with a spouse.


I was once engaged to a Catholic. Even though I disagree on many things Catholic, I still believe Catholics are Christians. I would not date a non-christian. The fact is pretty simple that there really are not many single men in my church, or any church I’ve attended. If I meet a Catholic man and we are interested in one another, I would not decide not to date him based only on that he is Catholic.


My mom complaned about this very thing when I was in high school! (Mainly cause I’ve dated 2 Catholics and no Baptists, which is the denomination I was raised in)

In my experiance, Catholic men are more moral and pleasant to be around than men of other denominations(though I’m sure there are moral good men in them, I’ve just never met any in my generation)


Why does anybody marry somebody else? Could it be love?


It’s the blue checks skirts and white polo shirts. That drives all the boys bonkers.


Sublimated seeking for the truth.

…and the skirts.

( :slight_smile: )


This is a great question… DH is JW and I am Catholic. Of all the anti-Catholic religions, a JW marrying a Catholic… why? other than love… ???


Yes he did say he loved me and he is a nice guy been married 39 years as of yesterday.
Maybe that is why I am being nostalgic about how we got started and I’m not fishing for compliments on the Catholic side but he did say that cathoics make good debaters and he was captain of the debating team in high school.

So why keep debating all these years?

I never before saw much in common in beliefs before so now trying to point them out and he said he very much believes in the Trinity so that is a big hurdle.

A non-Catholic must be drawn to something like a mystery or something that even they can’t explain.
It took about 3 months for my DH to touch the rosary I have then he even fixed it when the chain broke but what is this like a fear?

What interested you about your spouse in regards to his or her Catholic Faith?

Maybe I can get a handle on my DH feelings on this and also let you know. thanks Dessert


It’s because Protestant boys think Catholic girls are hot.

But Catholic boys think the same thing too. That’s why I married a Catholic girl 29 years ago.


Catholic women usually are good looking that’s for sure. In protestant churches the preachers try to snag all the good looking ones :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness though I think it has a lot to do with the fact that it’s hard for active devoted Christians to find like minded people so I think these days the denominational lines blurr with relationships.



It’s our secret way of converting all those catholics to the other side;)

LOL sorry I couldnt resist:p :smiley:

I married my catholic hubby before either one of us cared about religion–so it wasnt even an issue. We did get married in my episcopal church though. After all, the bride gets first dibs on the church to be married in:thumbsup:

There are probably different answers for each couple.


Well, I also dated two Catholics (the second of which I married) and no protestants. I ended up breaking up with the first mainly because he was Catholic. (I was shamefully ignorant then.)

In the church that I attended and when I attented Liberty University, Jerry Falwell’s school, I found that many protestant guys tended toward rebelliousness. The one guy from my protestant church that I ever considered attractive at all ended up getting heavily into drinking and partying at college. My observations of young protestant guys has led me to believe that perhaps their parents strive too hard to keep them cut off from anything non christian and so they very, very often end up rebelling. This is true of my younger brother among many others. I find that rebellious nature distinctly unattractive.

Instead I fell in love with an intelligent and mature guy who was secure in his beliefs. (The Catholicism was incidental, really.) We had alot of explosive religious arguments in the beginning. But that was mostly because he had an annoying tendency to calmly and logically prove me wrong again and again. :wink:




and now you are about to become Catholic soon. That is awesome! :slight_smile:


God does have a sense of humor doesn’t He. :smiley: And He knows exactly what He’s doing. He’s such a genius.
So I take it the big day is this Easter?! :smiley: Welcome Home!


My question is…why would a viral anti-Catholic marry a Catholic?


I dont think they would.


May you have many more blessed years together. God Bless Dessert


I suppose they call it hidden agendas today so there could be many reasons. Dessert

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