Why do Protestants say Catholicism leads to hell?

I am Catholic and I get annoyed when I see on other forums other Christians saying Catholicism leads to hell.
Why do they say this?
Please reassure me because sometimes I get worried about it,.

Think about it. What’s the alternative?

They have to say that. You see, Protestantism is by definition a protest against and rejection of Catholicism. So if Catholicism does not lead to hell, where does Protestantism lead?:wink:

Luckily I have only seen this in a few fundamentalist groups that don’t consider themselves Protestant. They say they were never part of the Church.

These groups in particular seem to focus more on anti-Catholic rhetoric than their own relationships with God. Ironically, they’ll be the first to tell you to judge not. :rolleyes:

My theory is that they say Catholics are hell bound because they are insecure…although, they’d NEVER admit it. It seems like they repeat the same lie in order to convince themselves they are right.

With all Respect, we non-protestant biblical christians see you depending on another gospel ( Gal 1:6-8 ) where you are putting your faith in Mary and in “sanits” in heaven for your prayers. We see you giving Mary or the saints creadit for what only God should get credit for like deliverance or healings. We honestly see you as having a misguided faith in anything but Jesus.

To counter this you need to learn to give only God credit.
Stop depending on Mary and the saints for your prayers.
And learn to word your testimoniies in language that we understand. Like quoting someone whom you believe is a Saint is the biggest turn off because in our view you are putting the words of that saint on par with Scriptures.

Like James says show me your works, and we know were your faith lies. We see your faith as centered on creatures ( Romans 1 ) rather than soley on Jesus the creator. This basically, comes from our concept of Jesus Alone, or Jesus Supreme.

You divorce the five Solas from each other and in doing so, you demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of Salvation.

Basically, learn to look at people from their world view to see why many of us think you are unsaved. I for one try to make an effort to understand where you are coming from.

Don’t worry about those protestants that say that. They are wrong. There is nothing in Catholic teaching that I see that would lead me, as a Lutheran, to believe that Catholics, as a group, are hell-bound. Most Catholics are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Your thread title might have better been stated, “Why do some Protestants say Catholicism Leads to Hell?” Practice your faith, believe in His grace, and forget what those few that hate Catholics say. They seem unable to dislodge the log from their own eye.

“One that believes and is baptized shall be saved.” Grant this, oh Lord, to all of us.


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You put your finger right on it – it’s basic insecurity. Deep down, they know they haven’t got it, and we have. And they hate us for it.

This post nicely demonstrates one, if not more of the reasons. I am not ascribing them to the poster.

That reason being: Many of the anti-Catholic attacks are against a false image of the what the Church is.

Cuz they is ign’rant. :smiley:

with all respect, I have only seen Catholics misquote “judge not”, I have never seen any “anti-catholic” misquote this phrase.

Basically, we look at your works – bowing to representations of creatures or statues, praying to creatures like mary or saints rather than praying to Jesus. We see these as works of those who do not know God.

You need to learn to share your testimony in such a way that demonstrates your relationship with Jesus – rather than a dependance on creatures whom can’t even hear you because Heaven is a land far away.

Isaiah 33:17
Thine eyes shall see the king in his beauty: they shall behold the land that is very far off.

I believe you do, Daniel, but I don’t think your evaluation of Catholic veneration of the BVM and saints is accurate. Prayers for intercession to Mary and the saints is not worship. It is not unlike asking our friends for intercession. We just disagree as to whether or not they hear our individual prayers. Catholics are well aware of the sole mediation and propitiation of Christ.


Isn’t it strange that many non-Catholics don’t believe in the Communion of Saints? It is only logical that we continue to pray for each other in this world and the next. After all, we are all part of the Body of Christ.

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Build a strawman.

Burn it down.

Ooh what fun.


I know I step outside my Lutheranness when I say what I believe about Catholic prayers of intercession to the BVM and the saints, but I truly believe it. I see no harm in this practice, unless one loses sight of Christ as sole mediator. We may disagree on whether or not Mary hears these prayers, but God does. And He undersatnds the intentions. What is more, I know that many Catholics find comfort in this, and since I see no scriptural prohibition, pray on, my Catholic brothers and sisters.


No, you (they) look at parodies of Catholic worship that they have been taught by people either ignorant or malicious (often both). If they actually looked at Catholic worship they would hear God’s name in one form or another invoked constantly. This accusation is the equivalent of running five dozen stoplights and claiming one didn’t see any of them, not a single one.

Hi Jon,

I hadn’t even read your profile, but I was thinking of Lutherans and Anglicans which is the reason I said “some non-Catholics.” :slight_smile: I am a convert from the Presbyterian Church (in addition to other Christian and non-Christian background), but the Communion of Saints is one of the Catholic beliefs I didn’t have a problem with from a theogical point-of-view. I certainly would have never thought someone was going to hell because they prayed intercessory prayers.

Now, from a practical standpoint…it took a little longer to be comfortable praying the Rosary, Litany of Saints, etc.

Go to any Protestant church in the land, and the odds are very good you will hear the minister ask the congregation to pray for someone who is sick, in difficulties, and so on.

The minister is praying to the congregation (that’s what pray means, to ask) to intercede for someone else.

This is never more evident than during a funeral at a (Non-Catholic) Christian service. I feel empty after going to one, because so often they are careful NOT to pray for the soul of the deceased.

I was simply awestruck one day while listening to an MP3 file (CatholicBootCamp.Com) where the speaker suggested that, when we pass a Non-Catholic cemetery, we should especially offer up extra prayers for the souls of these deceased for none of their Christian brothers and sisters are praying for them.

What a wonderful example of uniting the Body of Christ!!!

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Have you ever depended on your parents? … and whom your parents depended on?

Have you ever asked them to pray for you?

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  		*To counter this you need to learn to give only God credit.

Stop depending on Mary and the saints for your prayers.*
Daniel, I"ve got to ask you (and I hope you don’t take this wrong). Do you have a room-mate or someone else that uses your computers?!? :confused:

*Because there are times when I wonder, “When WILL Daniel Marsh become Catholic because he’s already there and just doesn’t know it”, and then there’s time when I see posts like this. *

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