Why do so many "discussions" turn divisive?

As I read through posts on a variety of boards on Catholic & Christian bulletin boards (mostly on Catholic Answers and Facebook), I’m amazed at how quickly some discussions turn rude and intolerant. Frankly, this sort of thing turns me off. If it turns off someone who is a committed Catholic Christian, how do you think it affects those we’re supposed to be evangelizing? Are they likely to be drawn to Christ if they see us fighting among ourselves and being insulting and rude in the process??

I had a friend in Alcoholics Anonymous who used to refer to the “big book” - written to guide AA members to live sober. He mentioned an expression sometimes used in their meetings when they talk about attracting others to live sober: “You may be the only copy of the big book some people will ever see”.

Our words and actions go far to influence others one way or another… to follow with you or to run like mad. We may be the only copy of the Big Book that some people will see. Can’t we be polite?


It takes two to tango.

Sure we can be polite but some folks interpret "polite’ as "insipid."
Christians can & should have strong opinions about important issues.Respect is the key.

We can be respectful without being insipid (and steadfast without being rude) - exactly my point.


I do find though, that in some forums disagreeing becomes “disrespectful” or “disruptive” in some folks minds. Catholics aren’t a static group of people.

Easy: Because it’s religion. There’s no way to prove anyone is right, and it’s a very personal thing to alot of people. Unfortunately, quite a few have no self control when it comes to this topic.

There are two things on the internet that are sure to spark a flame war: religion and politics. :slight_smile:

“Love men, slay error; without pride be bold in the truth, without cruelty fight for the truth.”
– Augustine of Hippo

A very genuine and truthful post. Thank you.

What is that supposed to mean??

Yep. I think people take religion and politics so seriously because they understand the necessity to live and spread the truth. But that’s just my guess.

It means, when it comes to fighting, arguments, etc. it takes two people to do - so you can’t blame one person or another for all the fighting.

Good quote.:thumbsup:

As a tech person, I would add, “Operating Systems” to this list. :smiley:

I think the divisiveness is not suprising on this type of forum, especially this thread when you consider that this is a catholic site. The thread itself is divisive.

**The lack of apologies is what I think is sad. **

LOL!!! This is so true :smiley:

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