Why do so many dislike modern music in Mass?


For me it’s about context. I love most forms of music in their place.

But I believe the mass is the most sacred, profound undertaking available to us in this life. It’s a sacrifice. Why would anyone think happy-clappy ditties would be appropriate there?


It’s fun to consider that some of the more ancient music had its musical notes and theme based around the meaning of the lyrics. Modern music frequently lacks this.

I personally do not like contemporary or modern music because firstly it seems much less reverent, and secondly frequently seems to appeal more toward the emotions of the person rather than pointing them toward God.

I do not like – in fact, I hate – when going to mass feels more like a concert than an unbloody re-presentation of the sacrifice of Christ to the Father for the remission of sins.

Mass is a meeting between Heaven and Earth and honestly, I do not feel that most contemporary music fosters this understanding. Again it just feels like a concert, like the intent is to appeal to a person’s emotions and make them feel things, making the playing of that music about the people present, not about God and redirecting our hearts to Him.

I know that people can use contemporary music for genuine worship. I do not mean to disparage those who enjoy contemporary music. I just don’t like it.


No “Silent Night”, “Ave Maria”, “Immaculate Mary”, “Holy God We Praise Thy Name”, etc.???


Would you believe OP, that the Church actually teaches us what kind of music is fitting for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?
Who has heard of something called the Graduale Romanum?
Did you know that all this stuff has already been figured out? There’s an official chant for every day, every part of the Mass?
It’s not about what you like, what I like, what any individual likes.
It’s just that your local priest, bishop, and music director ignore it.

My parish has two low masses and one high mass. The first low mass with choir, the second without.

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To be fair, while these are in the vernacular, I’m not sure if they count as “modern.”


This the problem. We need the church to have the most reverent liturgies as possible because we are dealing with the most holy thing on earth, the blessed sacrament. To draw reverence away from that in any way does not sit well with me.


The section on Catholic liturgical music is a good primer for the ignorant among us:

They were modern at one point. And the poster did say “only Gregorian Chant”, which would not include the songs I used as examples.

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Vatican II said the changes allow for “participation” in responses and in song. What is the motivation though? Participation is humbling ourselves before the Lord asking for mercy and in deep prayer as Christ goes to Father on our behalf. 99% of Catholics receive eucharist and kneel then when Jesus is put back in tabernacle, they all sit. It appears to me 99% are putting in a poor effort of participation. We should be on our knees for 15 minutes after receiving eucharist. But I get it, people need to be dismissed from mass because they have more important things to do and God cannot take up that time from them. Again, where is the pointing towards God in that.

For your information, that is what everybody did in the 1950’s and early 1960’s in every parish where i went to Mass.

Apparently we were all wrong then too.

If I am correct the Vatican II affirmed that the organ is the prefered liturgical instrument?

For eg, in french masses we have a Gloire à Dieu song that is popular, whose melody is borrowed to Amazing Grace.

I think of some songs have only one mention of “Jesus” or “God” in the chorus… The is only celebration of children or humanist values… I was very surprised sometimes by a song that seems almost completely secular or at best more appropriate for catechism. It happened for some masses for families.

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Where are you getting this from?

Yes, and this is where more reverent change would be accepted.

The real presence of Jesus in eucharist lasts for 15 minutes in our bodies.


So why do you think then that all of the priests saying mass do not make everyone wait 15 minutes to conclude mass? Your comments make it sound like the parishioners are being purposely irreverent or something.

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I do not know but the change would be accepted because it would add reverence.

CollegCatholic24, I do not think all that many people do prefer Latin chants over modern music. I think that there are just more of those such people that hang out in this (and some of the other) forums at Catholic Answers.

It is my personal option that most people like some of each. However the Liturgy and Sacraments forum tends to draw the type of people who have a special attraction to tradition (small t) which includes Latin chants.

I am personally acquainted with a number of Catholics who like, write, play, and/or sing modern music.

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