Why do so many people condemn miscegenation when it isn't even impure or a sin?


I don’t understand. People talk about miscegenation like it’s adultery or fornication or something. It just disturbs me that this country is totally ok with sexual immorality and fatherless homes but have a problem with a black and a white person marrying. I don’t get it. Why doesn’t this country focus on the real problems? My grandpa is black and my grandmother is white and they were the best example of a stable and loving marriage and were the best parents ever. They passed their values down to my mom and my mom and dad have done the same for me. Yet the families around me crumble and somehow our family is the one that is considered “tainted”.:confused:


I don’t know your personal experience or where you live, but I can assure you that there are plenty of places where people don’t care. Or at least they don’t care in a negative way.

I realize there are people who are prejudiced or who are prejudiced against interracial relationships. I’ve met a few of them.

But I also know several interracial couples, some through my local parish, and I have yet to meet anyone who’s expressed disapproval over those particular couples or their children.


I’ve never in my entire life actually heard a flesh and blood person in front of me preach against miscegenation, or behave badly toward a person because that person was of mixed race. Who are you spending time with?


Actually, I’ve never heard anyone say it in my presence. But there’s posts all over the internet about it; not just white supremacist sites. So it is evident that many people do feel that way but they don’t have the guts to say it in public.


haven’t even heard that term since the 60s. We’ve come a long way baby. I don’t know anyone who has expressed a care one way or the other since the 60s who marries whom. We must move in different circles, and we must frequent different internet sites. Most of mine are Catholic, or health related.


Times are changing. It’s unfortunate that your family had to experience the great social divide between the races. I think mixed races marriages are gradually becoming more socially accepted. Your family has been a pioneer in this aspect of society.

Look at the young men playing professional basketball in the NBA. Every year the gap between mixed race players and black players is closing. Go to your local mall and look at the young people walking around. It appears that a great many of them have a white parent and a black parent and they don’t seem to have a care in the world.

As for the Catholic church, we are all God’s children regardless of the color of our skin.

God bless you and your family.


hola cavyqueen

i think maybe the people who look at your stable family while their own are crumbling must be jealous and this is how they express their frustration… maybe you could talk to them and help them through their family problems?

in general i agree with you, mixed marriages are still not accepted, at least in the southern united states where i grew up… some friends of my husband and i just were married, she is white and he is black and people stare at them and say things behind their backs.

sometimes my husband will be told things about marrying a mexican (even though i was born in the united states and have always lived here) when they see my maiden name… but always when they meet me they stop saying things because im a “white mexican” so that is okay.

i think this is one of the reasons nationalism is dangerous… it is important to respect your culture, because that comes from your parents and their parents and we are supposed to honor them, and it is important to respect your home and make it a good place because we are supposed to create safe and loving environments for our children… nationalism i guess can foster respect for your culture and a desire to protect where you live but it brings bad things too… like evil pride, arrogance, xenophobia, ethnocentrism and other sinful things. and i think that kind of evil is the cause of this suspicion of mixed couples.

this is why i believe we should always look to the Church for our morals, and not the world around us… there might be good moral direction in the culture we live in but it is so easy to mistake the bad for the good… and we know the Church is always good.

Dominus Vobiscum


I could care less if a white man married a black woman, vice versa, etc. The only problem I would foresee is the mixing of different cultures and the kids being made fun of at school, but that berely happens anymore. If God didn’t want races to mix then he wouldn’t have made us all with the same human nature and compatibility.


miscegnation was illegal according to laws passed in Southern States after the Civil War (this is a sub-plot in the 20s musical Show Boat). But it was not illegal in many other countries that had a mixed race population. In fact in some countries, such as Brazil, who had imported many African slaves, the official social and legal policy was to encourage interracial marriage with the goal of “lightening” the general population.

The laws and attitudes vary according to time or place. For instance laws in South Africa under apartheid were the most strict, and it will probably take a long time for actual practice to catch up with change in laws.


Actually, i’ve found it the other way around. I know several children of black and white parents and many of them only hang out with black students. They consider white girls b*, and believe in black power. I’ve come to dread black history month becuase its filled with put downs to other races, I believe. I know french blacks, african blacks, south american blacks as well as american blacks. I hate BET for the same reason.
There, too, is white supremecy, and I find that equally annoyhing but they don’t make a month of it.

I believe the only way to make a country truly colorblind would be to outlaw all holidays or programs based on color.


ME neither i actually had to go look up what the word meant. I guess here in Houston I have just grown use to all the inter racial couples and childern. I could care less who your parents are or what your racial background is…it doesn’t real make a difference on how i am going to treat you. Your human and deserve respect.


Here is my take on the situation - there are posts all over the internet that claim that The Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon. Lots of people actually BELIEVE that claptrap.

There are posts all over the internet that claim to have the truth about the End Times and Tribulations and the Left Behind Series. There are tons of people who actually believe THAT claptrap.

Truth does not change because people believe it or do not believe it…Truth is Jesus Christ and the Church HE founded.

So, apply this logic to the ‘posts all over the internet’ thing and you may feel better about yourself, your wonderful grandparents, the world at large and pizza.

I have no idea why pizza would matter but just in case…


Yeah some people talk about it as though as it is as bad as homosexuality or something. I can understand where the OP is coming from since I have been involved in some IR relationships and wanted to be in some with certain women but decided not to b/c of the climate of racism against it. I do see it coming from mostly Protestants IMHO.


There is no true ‘white’ culture in America anymore. People like to pride America in saying that it is multicultural so I could understand it somewhere outside of US/Canada, but I think cultural differences among people here are minimum.


I know a number of mixed couples and frankly, it’s their business.
It horrifies my mother (she’s 85), but most people I know don’t really care.


I don’t understand why it would be socially unacceptable in a country where anything goes now. I don’t understand how anyone could think that it is wrong just based on the color of someone’s skin. If an irish can marry italian, and chinese can marry irish, etc…then what is the problem? This country is in the process of trying to make homosexual marriage legal…how could REAL marriages of people with mixed races be looked down upon in a country like that?:shrug:


Having lived in the South all of my life I have heard people condemn mixed race marriages many times. Thankfully, I haven’t heard it condemned as much in the past 10 years or so.

One of the secretaries where I work was vehemently against mixed race marriages and said it wasn’t Biblical. :frowning:

Imagine her surprise when three years ago a new supervisor was hired, and guess what?

I never heard her make another negative comment about mixed race marriages, but I don’t think she changed her mind.


Another here who had to look up miscegenation :blush:

Growing up and to this day - one of my dearest friends on this planet is bi-racial (that is the term we have always used…) I’m in my early 40’s, and when we were both young I did see her family be exposed to ugly racism from people we went to church with! (This was before we were Catholic.)

From my personal observation, this attitude is rooted in Fundamentalist beliefs, heck, the KKK hated both blacks and Catholics with equal vigor. One only need study the genesis if the Southern Baptist denomination to see how deep those roots go.

I don’t understand these things, heck, my friend and I are family - we even have a secret prayer going up that my son and her daughter will marry someday :slight_smile:


Yeh, sorry, this is a non-issue around here.

I am biracial, and while I look white, DNA says otherwise. It is not that odd for people with American Southern ancestors somewhere in their lineage to be suprised and find out they are part black.

My parish with school? A lot (a good 40%) of the families are more than one race. As far as ethnic backgrounds (where yer great-great grandparents came from, not just race), about 75% have some sort of hispanic heritage mixed with…Irish, German and French. So, you’ve got kids who are varying hues, varying hair (straight, thin, curly, black, red, BLONDE NAPPY! AND NOT DYED).

People say all sorts of dumb things, and don’t need the Internet to prove they are ignorant. The Internet is just an enhancer.

I think you shouldn’t take them on unless you have developed the capacity as a racial apologist. Take Leslie’s (LSK) suggestion: Go have a pizza. Pizza always makes things better.


I was raised in the North, but I never really saw mixed marriaged until I was in the Air Force, in the '70s. What I noticed was that the children of such marriages were usually better looking and smarter than either of the parents. I eventually was able to ask a sociologist about this, and he answered that the reason was “hybrid vigor”–the offspring of parents from two widely different gene pools will be better than the offspring of parents from more closely related gene pools.

Mixed marriages = healthier, smarter children? Sounds to me like the will of God reflected in nature.

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