Why do so many people condemn miscegenation when it isn't even impure or a sin?


**I have never heard of the term miscegenation either :shrug:
I am a white female, went to public high school.
However, when I was in high school, my mom threw a huge fit when an african-american male called our house on the phone for me. He was a friend of mine but she didn’t want that. So when he called, she told him I “wasn’t there” even though I was standing right there. I was in tears over it. Finally, when she found out that my boyfriend was of Mexican descent she wasn’t too upset over that, however my older brother was. He called him a bad name on the phone the first time he called my house and told him I “could not talk to s—”. So I was terribly upset over the fact that my family I was learning at the age of 16 was prejudice! I was so distraught, but yet they called themselves Christians (Catholics).? My mom slowly warmed up to the idea of my friendships that I had made and came to like the boys I hung out with. My great aunt and uncle and my grandparents were very prejudice against everyone that wasn’t “white”. They met my friends eventually, and to my knowledge I ‘opened their eyes’ so to speak to the fact that every one is a child of God.
Eventually, as time led on, one time we asked my mom would you rather us marry an African-American Catholic or a Caucasian person who was not Catholic? Believe it or not she said the Catholic person!!

By the way, to this day, I am still friends with the African-American guy who called my house 14 years ago and my mom hung up on. He is and always has been one of my closest friends and my mom treats him like one of her kids, calls him her “10th child” and he even spent many holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.) with my family!!! Great end to a bad beginning!!!

Just had to share my story, sorry for rambling!! :wink: **


I had to look up micengenation, too.:o I’m in the midwest and mixed race couples and biracial people are so common it’s a nonissue, at least on the surface. Underneath, I think there is a very small, very ignorant group of racists – I’m guessing mixed race marriages would bother them. As for the vast majority, however, most would simply not see it as an issue even worth talking about.


Well, I didn’t have to look it up, I figured it out from the posts so far. I’m from upstate NY and the majority of people here are white. There are very very few black kids in my high school, in fact I can only think of three and they are siblings. And also 3 hispanics, two of which are siblings, and the only asian kids are exchange students. Now that being said, there are a lot of Mexican workers who leave their families and come up here to farm. I’ve heard some prejustice ****, a lot of it comes from my own family. In fact they will joke about it because they know it ticks me off. My grandfather is extremely prejudice. But only aganist blacks. Which is a good thing because my grandmother was a little bit Cherokee. My exboyfriend was black/hispanic (and Catholic), and my mother told me not to tell my grandfather. She’s also told my grandfather not to be surpised if I marry a black man because I don’t care about race. Well she’s right, and I actually miss my exboyfriend for that reason. Our kids would have been German, French, Irish, Cherokee, Hispanic, and African. Sometimes I wonder what my grandfather’s reaction would be if I did end up marrying a black man. I wonder how he’d look at my children if they were half black. :shrug:


With the people I know who are like “Eh, don’t marry someone not your race”, they worry more about cultural mixing than the skin color. They think that the children “won’t know what they are” because their parents come from different cultures. Even in America, different races have very different lifestyles, so I can understand what they’re saying, but I don’t think that kids actually think that way.


I was born in 1983, and I didn’t know what that term meant. Never heard it before.


I agree with the poster who said that we shouldn’t have ethnic-centered holidays (or observances). I mean, really. I’m Hispanic. My husband is Anglo. I live in the U.S., not Mexico, so why should I celebrate Cinco de Mayo or September 16? Why should I celebrate MEXICO’s independence day? Why can’t I celebrate July 4th with tamales and menudo and chiles rellenos (well, okay, because the kids prefer hot dogs, but you get the point! :shrug: )

Where does it say I can’t live and celebrate my cultural and ethnic identity on ANY day of the year? Can’t I play mariachi music, dance a corrida or a cumbia (if the music allows), or cook mole poblano or sopa de fideos whenever I feel like it? Why do our ethnic and cultural identities need to be compartmentalized into specific days or months (“Hispanic Heritage Month” or “Black History Month”–hey, in my house, EVERY month is “Hispanic Heritage Month”!) Just for fun, imagine having “White Heritage Month” or “White History Month”–can you hear the outrage already??? And why? Is being white something to be ashamed of?

I once told my husband that it used to bother me when I was a little kid when I’d watch Sesame Street. Sure, they had all these kids and adults of different ethnic origins (of course, the two Mexican adults were married to each other, as were the two blacks, but I guess Sesame Street wasn’t quite that progressive 35 years ago!) but I always remember this (tell me if you remember too): they’d show four things, like three circles and a square, say, and they’d sing this song–“One of these things just doesn’t belong here/One of these things just doesn’t belong/Can you tell me which thing just doesn’t belong here/Now before I finish this song?”

I honestly used to wonder, “Well, why doesn’t the square belong? It’s just different from the circles, but why can’t it belong? What’s wrong with being a square?” I felt like that at school. Some parents wouldn’t let their kids play with black kids, Mexican kids, Asian kids, Indian kids, or even white kids! They had to play with “their own kind”. What kind of nonsense is that? We’re different in the way we look, the way we talk, dress, think, etc. Does that mean we don’t belong together?

Sorry, I just get incensed to think that people still believe in distinguishing among races (which is why to this day when filling out forms, when they ask for “race”, I never check “Hispanic/Mexican”, I check the “Other” box and write on the line “HUMAN”! :smiley: )


In theory, black-white relationships are fine, sensible, etc., and really are no problem.

In practice, in my opinion, it’s another matter. The black-white couples I’ve seen, for the most part, are poor black males adept at exploiting poor white women. Rarely do you see white men and black women. Possibly this is because white men aren’t as attracted to black women or black women aren’t as attracted to white men.

To some extent my view is affected by a news feature I read of a young black man who explained in detail how much more easily he could exploit white women (to become prostitutes). I think, too, it’s pretty clear that having a white woman is a trophy for some (mostly poor) black men.

Hate to sound racist there, but there can be this economic abuse.


Yeah, pretty racist.

You are basing your belief system on a Pimp.

Have you ever really sat down and spoken to people in IR relationships.

Abuse and exploitation occurs within ALL races. But, when it is a mixed couple, some like to point and say “see! what i tell ya”.

I’m a black woman, married to a white man. And I’m pretty sure he finds me attractive. I’m educated, independent, funny and pretty darn cute. Boy what a stretch to love. :rolleyes:

The only problem our son will have will be from OUTSIDE people adding their 2 cents when not asked.


I’ve seen this so many times in my life and not just with black/white couples. I am a white, blond, blue eyed Mexican (born and raised but live in the US). Let’s start from the beginning… I have been discriminated against by whites and by hispanics. When I was in high school, the white kids didn’t want to talk to me because I was Mexican, and the Mexicans didn’t want to talk to me because I looked white. I was stuck… so I ended up being friends with a group I called the UN group. Most of my friends were from different parts of the world.
I had a bf when I was a Sr in high school, and everyone frowned upon that. How could a Mexican “date” and American blond boy??? The white kids said the same thing, the other way around, “how could an Amrican date a blond Mexican?”

I live in California, the state in the US that is by far, the most diverse in the US, and people would think it would be the most tolerant when it comes to race, religion, gender, etc. I think in California being homosexual is not as bad as being non-white.

Especially now that the Senate was working on the immigration issues, now the Hispanics are frowned upon so badly. And worst of all is that if you look brown, you MUST be Mexican, and if you are Hispanic, your are a Mexican who crossed the border illegally. :mad:

See, I met a few men before I married my husband. No matter who I was geting to know, it was frowned upon. I met a Mexican guy who was white, had black hair and light green eyes. How dare I date a Mexican? “You look American, take advantage of that” Believe it or not, I’ve dealt with this at least once a year. Now that I am married to my Mexican husband, even my family frowned upon it, but not because he is Mexican, because he didn’t have a professional job, because he comes form a poor family, and because he isn’t Catholic (even though his parents are). At work, my coworker always makes remarks about how I look white and should take advantage of it when it comes to the work force, and that maybe because I look white, I can show the Mexicans to be “more educated”. Makes me so mad!! Even a teacher in high school did this, she said it many times to the rest of the hispanic kids in class, “Why can’t you be more like YessiSan and her sister?”

It’s everywhere. My unlce, who is 56 now, had a gf who he really loved back when he was 20 or so. He wanted to marry her, but this girl was black. Oh no! My family accepting a black woman? Forget it! And same went for her. He parents associated the Mexicans with drunkards, so they prohibited her from marrying him (she was pregnant w/his child, and the mother didn’t let them get married), and my unlce was never allowed to go near his kid who is about 30 or so now, who also has kids and aren’t allowed to see their grandpa (my uncle).

One last thing… my brother is in the Navy and was sent to Japan. He met a girl and married her. Well, she’s Japanese. My grandparents on my mom’s side weren’t happy. “How could he marry an Asian girl? They are so different”. Form my dad’s side, my grandma looked disgusted when she found out the girl was Japanese. This makes me sick!

It’s everywhere and many don’t see it. Many posters here say they have never heard of this, but believe it, it happens more often than you think. Why it happens, well, white supremacy, xenophobia, fear of bringing something different to your family ties… who knows.


In theory, all marriages are loving and supportive, in practice, as we all see, it’s another matter.
That doesn’t mean we throw out the institution of marriage.

My neighbors are a black woman married to a white man, and they have a great marriage and beautiful kids.
Racism is just stupid.


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