Why do some bishops favor wearing their pectoral crosses outside their chasubles?

Seeing pictures of bishops across the internet, I’ve seen many bishops who nearly always wear their pectoral crosses outside their chasubles. I thought the rubric was to wear it always inside the chasuble? Why do some bishops wear it outside of the chasuble? Is there some case when this is done? It doesn’t even look good.

Because they don’t have to. :shrug:

Well, no, as far as I know, pectoral crosses are supposed to always be worn inside the chasuble.

How do you know they are not wearing two :p.

Maybe because it looks better on the outside.

I think it looks worse, personally, but meh. It still isn’t supposed to be done.

When you’re a bishop you can wear it inside!:p:thumbsup:

I think there’s some provision somewhere where they can wear it outside during concelebrations, but I’m not sure. I still think it looks hideous, especially when they don’t bother to use the more proper green–or–red and gold cord instead of the chain. The argument is that the bishops need to be differentiated from the priests, which is important. Hence, the zucchetto. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your Excellencies, keep those pectoral crosses inside your chasubles and pontifical dalmatics! :thumbsup:

Reminds me of an old joke from my grade school days.

Sister: Class, why do cardinals wear red socks?

Johnny: To keep their feet warm! :smiley:

They were given permission in the late 1990’s by the CDW, to distinguish them from priests in concelebrations.

And mitre and crosier and dalmatic and assistant deacons.

Unless you can mention a specific incident, how are we to know why the bishop did as you say? “Pictures on the internet” can be from any time or any place, or not even real to begin with.

I recommend that you not worry about what is posted on the internet. Follow your own bishop faithfully and spend your energy on local problems, like improving Catholic education in your parish, or supporting your bishop’s top projects.

:shrug: I don’t think it’s dangerous to discuss things on a forum.

Besides, Catholic education can’t really get any better here as it’s practically the best in the state, and I doubt my bishop has a published list of top projects. I’ve never seen one, and I frequent the diocesan website often.

And the pallium for metropolitans. However, concelebrating bishops oughtn’t have the crosier, but can they wear the pontifical dalmatic?

I don’t know…

Do you have a citation for this? What makes you think that it isn’t supposed to be done?

You’ll have to ask them.

I’m not really worried about it.

Besides the fact that it looks bad. :smiley:

Exactly. :slight_smile: If people don’t know that a bishop is a bishop from his giant hat, then I don’t think a pectoral cross is going to do the trick.

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