Why do some denigrate the so-called "Mass in the round"?

I like the concept visually… I wish they had kept the altar rails through

Yep. That’s it, all right. Pipe organ pipes on other wall.

ONE REVOLUTION PER HOUR! You couldn’t sense the acceleration/velocity – just the displacement. There would be no increased liability.

Then again once people figured out how fast it turned, I’m sure they would use it as a clock to keep tabs on the length of the Mass.

true, but it would be incredibly bizarre…

I like the design. Interesting Eastern Catholic influence on the ceiling. I like that.


Ooops, Father’s now facing the other wing. Homily about over. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

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What do you mean exactly by “bizarre”?

atypical and gimmmicky, IMO…

People hate the ‘Mass in the round’ for the very same reason they hate the Mass celebrated versus populum. We are meant to face in a single direction, with the priest as our head as a mediator between us and God the Father as he offers the unbloody sacrifice. It doesn’t matter about being ‘close’ to the sacrifice because we will all literally become one with Christ in the Blessed Sacrament once you partake in it.


most likely true, but also saddening…

I have no doubt that would happen. I also think a small handful of “the chosen” would try to move seats so they were always front and center.


Any documentation from the Church on that belief, perchance?

Also, whatever motor that would be economical and able to practically fit under a church while also moving most likely a few tons, with minimal noise, most likely would not be economically practical

I know not! However, I do have a good webpage explaining why the Church has always celebrated as orientem. Take a look, it’s a good read!

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You mean like at St. Peter’s Basilica?

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Hahaha no, St. Peter’s was always the lone exception.

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Would defeat one of the main advantage of the “in the round” concept.

Unless you always plan on staying for exactly 1 hour, you might not be able to find your car when you’re ready to leave.

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Well, where I live, one parish is about to have this beauty built:

(source: dumabyt.cz)

Doesn’t seem generic to me, but makes me seriously thankful for the tens of “boring old” churches we have around.


That looks like some kind of a modern Lego church.


It looks like it came from a cheap 90s scifi flick… Not in a good way

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