Why do some non denoms?

Think there is no obligation to attend their weekly “service”? My parents are non denim and and others I know do not think it is necessary to attend Sunday or whatever day worship. I thought the X commandments were clear on this.

Generally because people have forgotten that keeping the Lord’s Day holy implies worshiping God… heck, that the entire concept of holiness revolves around the worship of God.

The Catholic Church is clear in its establishment of weekly Mass as an established discipline, the CC is also clear on its authority to establish such disciplines on grounds of binding and loosing…so I suppose non denoms don’t believe they have an obligation to attend their weekly service because they aren’t Catholic and they don’t necessarily have an established discipline. Although they probably would be able to give you a variety of reasons why it is good to attend each week, but at this point in time they’re not likely to use words like discipline or obligation.

Someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that Catholic teaching amounts to “X commandments are clear on this”- as far as I know, Catholic teaching is that the CC has a 3-legged stool when it comes to authority, and the discipline of a weekly obligation (along with the establishment of a Sunday tradition) comes from Tradition and perhaps from Magisterial teaching authority, and these are exceptionally clear as they relate to Catholics.

“X commandments” which I presume refers to passages of Scripture? are not, how can I phrase this, perhaps not as clear? Not because the three legs are in conflict with one another, but because they work together in different ways to accomplish something as a whole. And for a Catholic, Scripture isn’t the part of the stool that clearly works toward this end all on its own just by reading what various commandments say, whereas Tradition does give you this very clear endpoint and a certain discipline. But of course non denoms differ in terms of tradition and authority in general, and this is one of the results of that.

Yes, I’d say that OP refers to: The Ten Commandments

Welcome to the era of txt-talk. (^_^)

I guess to my eye it seems as if some groups of Bible only Christians seem to see the Commandments went away with the Levitical law, or am I way off base?

Because the Commandment does not specifically state that you must attend a service in order to worship God and hallow the day? It’s really much more specific about not laboring on that day rather than attending any formal worship service.

While I appreciate the sentiment of the question, I would say for the same reason most Roman Catholics don’t…

The Ten Commandments are clear on keeping the Sabbath holy and on doing no work then. They do not clearly state that anyone must travel to attend a collective worship service.

In general, Protestant churches (apart from cult groups) tend not to be big on imposing obligations beyond those already in Scripture, and a few do not impose even all of those.

I would say its because neither Jesus nor the Apostles placed any such obligation on any Christian believer in the NT.

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