Why do some on this forum seek only to antagonize?


Some people come to this forum simply to antagonize. I believe that antagonizing people for the sake of antagonism – to lure them into anger, as it were - is sinful.
**Whereas, I realize our human weaknesses and concupiscence, **
I believe that those who claim to be Catholic, yet come here to espouse their own twisted version of Catholicism are either hypocrites or FAR less-than-truthful. I used to think that they might just be ignorant, but most of the time, they will argue to the end that they are right – EVEN if is illustrated CLEARLY by Scripture and/or the Catechism.
[size=2]There are those who espouse their support for artificial contraception, [/size]abortion, fornication, women’s ordination, etc., yet claim to uphold Catholic beliefs. If there are those who fit this category, my question is, “Why?”
Any thoughts?


Hi elvisman,

You just antagonized me!



I do not see too many Catholics doing this when compared to the amount of people that frequent this site; however, I am sure that there are those that do as you say. The only reason that I can come up with as to why these people do this is pride and self-importance. Some find it true that theirs is the only opinion that matters and they will argue until their heart stops beating that they are correct regardless what the Church teaches. They are impassioned and truly do believe that they are speaking the truth. You and I may not understand how it is that they get past Church teachings and the Bible to form their ill-conceived ideas, but to them it makes perfect sense. We need to be patient with those people and pray that the Holy Spirit may enlighten them as to the truth of the matter. I for one have been guilty in the past of not being charitable to those, which you describe. However, I continue to try to be patient with them until God chooses to enlighten them.


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


Well said.
**I should be more patient and understanding. **
It IS frustrating, though . . .


Never underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit.

The people to whom you are referring may very well come here fully intending to ruffle some feathers, but they are somewhat on blessed turf, so take a deep breath, pray to St. Michael the Archangel, and be ready to calmly and charitably respond to their posts.

That they bother to take the time to register, lurk, and come out of hiding to post is God’s will - for them - and for us.

I have seen through this forum posters experience a change in heart over time. I have seen some posters disappear, not having made the headway they thought they would, only to reappear humbled and inquiring more about the Truth. I have seen others come on hot and bothered, only to be calmed and tamed by the end of a thread or two.

Never wish these people away, especially if they are Catholic, they are just the ones God wishes us to reach out to most!


Rant Closed…

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