Why do some people get the idea that all Anime is for kids?


Because i have seen some animes, and some can be really mature,like blood,smoking,risque material,and such.

I wonder if Disney or 4kids should be blamed for that image that much anime is family friendly.


Why do some people get the idea that all Anime is for kids?

  1. Because that is it’s target audience, even in Japan, which admittedly allows its children more leeway than in the west;
  2. Because pretty much all popular anime is fantasy theme driven, which generally appeals to children; and
  3. Because pretty much all anime that is isn’t targeted for children is not NSFW.


Well i know there is some mature anime,like Yaoi,harem,and such which isn’t for kids. I once saw a manga which was clearly adult.


It could be because it is cartoony.


Right. It’s not just anime. Most people lump all cartoons in the “for kids” category.

I always had the impression that anime was for young adult nerds. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Not to insult anyone. I’m a middle-aged nerd. :nerd_face:


Cartoons in the Western world are generally thought of as a medium for kids, or kid-friendly, even when they contain adult themes or suggestive material.

The only cartoons marketed as explicitly “adult” in USA were the Ralph Bakshi/ Fritz the Cat sort of stuff, which was so over-the-top raunchy that a lot of adults wouldn’t even want to watch.


I think it can be partly blamed on the animation age ghetto.




Anime is animation. Manga is comic books and graphic novels.
Kodomomuke manga and anime is targeted at children.
Shounen manga and anime is targeted at teen males.
Shoujo manga and anime is targeted at teen females.
Seinen manga and anime is targeted at adult males.
Josei manga and anime is targeted at adult females.


We were having these same conversations over 20 years ago, when your choice of anime was limited to DiC Sailormoon dubs airing at 5 a.m., or renting Tenchi and Ranma videos from the video store. :slight_smile: You could watch fourth-generation Shinsengumi fansubs of Ruroni Kenshin and Fushigi Yugi, and traded VHS tapes through the mail. It was awesome— because you had a very limited amount of anime, and you ended up watching your favorite stuff over and over and over, because there wasn’t anything else. :slight_smile: And so there were some really awesome tight-knight fan communities that would form, because you had the chance to really get connected to something, not just consume it really fast and then move on to the fifteen other things in your watchlist. :slight_smile:

But conversations about dumbing things down, or changing the content (dialogue, changing lines, editing animation, chopping scenes, deleting episodes) so that 13+ stuff is now appropriate for 5-7 yo’s… that’s been pretty passionately discussed since there’s been an internet to discuss it upon— and probably before then, too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Action cartoons for kids has fallen out of style years ago in the West, so perhaps parents let their boys watch anime to get their fix of action, not paying close enough attention to notice mature content. Also, when a lot of older adults think of anime, they think of Pokémon which is really kid stuff.


The Pokemon anime is too repetitive, but the movie specials aren’t that bad.


The third movie is the only watchable one.


That’s the one with the unknown, right? The Pokemon mystery dungeon (EoT/D) shorts were cute, but they only made three and it didn’t link up well.


Yes, the one with the unknown, the only Pokémon more useless than a magikarp.


Hidden power can only get you so far…


Anime should be for kids. And if adults are watching it then it’s because they want to be like kids.


Most anime have problems in their character designs.


Are you serious? Do you think anime like Hellsing are for kids?


I am guessing that Death Note is another no-no.

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