Why Do Some People Have Such A Twisted Sense Of Humour?

Ok, I’d admit I sometimes laugh at things I know I shouldn’t laugh at for example seeing my family or friends get hurt (Not Seriously), or sometimes I see a joke and sometimes I can’t help but laugh.
But I was scanning some forums earlier and I saw a GIF (animated picture) of a scene from terminator with the motorbike shooting scenes or something I guess then the GIF cut too kids in some other films being shot, well at least I hope it was from films, I just worried myself out a bit there.
But in other places as well I see people making jokes or the Holocaust and anne franke and other serious issues and I just do not know how some people could seriously make fun of something like slavery or the holocaust and not think that it’s bad.
I mean I’d be honest I used to make inappropriate jokes but maturity and knowing whats acceptable and such I would like to think I no longer make these inappropriate jokes, but at the end of the day this is what I want to ask, why do some people seriously find making jokes of anne franke and the holocaust funny and a thing to do in their free time?

As an added note as well the amount of people I know that make fun of my religion claiming people are pedophiles and such that sometimes winds me up if any of you have any tips in not letting these statements get to me that would be great.

You might want to read Freud’s “Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious,” which discusses several issues involving humor and jokes, and why we use them. There are also studies on humor by the sociologist, Henri Bergson, and the philosopher, Hobbes.

For myself, I have a weird and dry sense of humor at times; however, I do have boundaries. There is a book, not for the faint-hearted, and its sequel called “Truly Tasteless Jokes,” which I have looked at. Many of these so-called jokes go well beyond the pale of what I consider decent. Perhaps they are typical, unfortunately, of the kind of uncouth society we live in today.

Humor can also be used to mask aggression. If the butt of a tasteless joke or prank objects than the he/she is often accused of having no sense of humor.

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