Why do some Protestant Christian churches teaches that the Illuminati is real?

Should we really believe it? Why is it not taught in Catholic churches?

Same reason some Protestants also teach that the Jesuits are involved in bizarre conspiracy theories.

It is true that a real Illuminati existed in the 18th century, but it rapidly declined and pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth. Subsequently, conspiracy theories started floating around that they were responsible for the French Revolution, but it’s just that: a conspiracy theory, with no substantial evidence to back it up.

In short, to answer your question: no, there’s no substantial evidence that shows an “Illuminati” secret society is in charge of major world events, it is just a conspiracy theory.

No, you should not believe it. And I don’t think any of the “major” Protestant churches even teach that. Why worry about the fringe?

Agreed. Around here the whole Illuminati, “New World Order,” “Mark of the Beast,” assorted Jesuit conspiracies, and political, conspiracy-mongering seem to be the province of radio preachers and fringe fundamentalist groups, not main line Protestant denominations. There’s one guy on local radio who claims that either Pope Francis himself, or a “Jesuit assassin,” will kill him, because after all, Pope Francis took the “Jesuit blood oath.” Crazy stuff and totally bonkers.

Because conspiracy theories are not the root of our faith. Anyone who wants to believe in this can if they are Catholic but it has no essential quality that would render it worthy of teaching in the Church.

Why do some Protestant Christian churches teaches that the Illuminati is real?..Because they believe the Da Vinci Code is a documentary on the catholic Church :smiley:

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