Why do some Protestants slander us?


Supposen I said protestants were rapists,. How would they feel?

Personally I would rather you called me a rapist than an idol worshipper. I have never worshipped an idol in my life. I do not know of any catholic who has ever worshipped an idol. Protestants love to insult, prejudice, discriminate and slander catholics for no good reason other than because they are angry we havn’t substituted Christ with Luther.

I do not need quotations from the bible warning me about devil worship, which is what idol worship is

If you can’t say anything good about catholics, I strongly suggest say nothing at all rather than conspire against us in the great conspiracy of idol worship!!!

For your interest, most Catholics keep a crucifix to remind themselves of the price that was paid for the remission of sin.

What about folk who keep a photo of their loved one’s on their desk at work. Are they also guilty of idol worship?


Luther this, Luther that!
What does he have to do with 99% of Protestant churches?
Do you think we are all Germans?
We (Methodists) never even mention the man much less worship him!
I have never accused Catholics of worshipping anything other than God and neither do most people I know.
Most Protestants believe the RC Church has edged a bit into Apostasy but I have never heard anyone accuse you of not being Christian or polytheists.


I am living in NC and apparently Christianity has a whole different flavor here then the rest of the country. I’ve had to explain my faith several times to those who are not certain what Catholics believe.

I do not mind honest questions, even if you disagree with the Church, as long as the question is asked without a mocking tone, I don’t mind answering. But occasionally I come across people who have already decided what Catholics believe and do not care what my answers are. This can be very frustrating.:frowning:


I’ve come across many Protestants, but I have found it rare that any of them blatantly attack my beliefs in a rude manner. In my opinion, more concerning is the growing number of “Catholics” who attack their own mother Church. :frowning:


Be careful you don’t slander the Protestants yourself, Sixtus.


I think some things might be simply hard to distinguish between disagreement and slander.

Let’s take Idol Worshipping as an example.

Neither Catholics nor protestants want to worship Idols and Both believe it’s wrong. Problem is that many do not agree on what exactly an idol is, Some people are going ot be more strict than others. Those who are more strict will see idol worship in things the less strict on that rule would not see it in. It follows that the person with the less strict rule will not think they are an idol worshipper and will get offended. Whereas the more strict person is not trying to slander but simply believes what they believe.

This really goes both ways. I can think of several topics where I *feel *slandered because the Catholic stance on some things is more strict (in the sense that the idol rule was more strict) and Catholics point out how I am defecient.

This is why some people say to never discuss religion or politics. :wink:


I think it also has to do with how far one’s social circle extends. In most cases, the people who say “All Catholics _" or "All Protestants” don’t really know any. They are just basing things on prejudices that they learned from their family/friends, none of whom have any different beliefs than they do.


Great post, Syele :slight_smile:


Atreyu, are you in Australia? I was just curious what the main religions and denominations of Australia are.


I couldn’t of said it better…:thumbsup: :clapping:


I fellow co-worker of mine is Protestant and has remarkably nothing good to say about Catholics. I took the chance to ask him if he knew what the difference between a Protestant and Catholic actually was.

I must confess a slight enjoyment of the silence that followed. :rolleyes:

Like most opinions professed by the herd, they are what you are told to say by someone else, not something you actually thought up or found out yourself. No bad students, just bad teachers?


Australia is much the same as the USA in terms of religions and denominations. There are a few key differences though:
*]First of all, Agnostic Secularism is much more common in Australia than in the USA, as is Cafeteria Christianity, in my opinion. In general, Americans are much more happy to talk about God and religion than are Australians.
*]Conversely, there is much less anti-Catholicism in Australia, from what I can tell. I have come across Christians who have claimed that Catholics aren’t Christians, but they don’t seem to be as rabid as their American counterparts.
*]Catholics and Anglicans make up the vast majority of Christians, I think. There are less Baptists, Mormons and JW’s (percentage wise), but more Presbyterians.
*]There also exists “The Uniting Church”, which is a conglomerate of different Reformed Churches, I think.
*]As for non-Christian religions, I think they vary from region to region, as they do in the States. Typically the large cities - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and probably the Gold Coast - would have higher percentages of non-Christians. But we have Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Jews. They are probably still in lower proportions than in the States - especially the Jews. I don’t think we have many Sikhs. [/list]
All of this is just coming from my personal experience, as such it should be taken with a grain of salt, especially considering I live in a very small city that is atypical in many ways to the rest of Australia (Hobart). I would say that the largest “religious” influence in Australia that is different from the US is in the rampant secularism. Christians are typically viewed as being backward and stupid, whereas non-Christians are probably viewed as “holding onto their culture from their ethnic country”, or some such. Even my friends can’t understand why I am a Christian, as they think I am too smart to be a Christian!


But could you have said it better…? Teehee! :stuck_out_tongue:


your right! :rotfl:


Even my friends can’t understand why I am a Christian, as they think I am too smart to be a Christian!

Well said Atreyu. I am the only catholic in my family. aI am the only practicing catholic among my friends. That comment is common. Folk say: ‘don’t know what went wrong, had a good education, went to university then ends up believing in all that superstitious nonsence’. Or, the classic one: ‘science has PROVEN that God does not exist. You only believe because you are too proud to admit you were wrong’!

My own dear brother has many times offered to ‘set me free’. He really believes the only reason I am a practicing catholic is because I am brainwashed every sunday and the brainwashing holds one until one goes back for another dose the following week. He has often told me that if I stopped going to mass for just 3-months, I would be ‘cured’ of my need to ‘keep going back’. Not only think we are stupid but also brainwashed.

The point of my text was that it seems we are frequently accused of the ‘error of our ways’ by others. That I find realy frustrating.


I don’t think Catholics worship idols and I seriously doubt that most Protestants do either.

Of course, there are fringe elements and nuts in both the Protestant and Catholic camps. As an example of Catholic extremism in calling Protestants idolators, I’ve seen Catholics in these forums argue that Protestants who believe in the Real Presence in the Eucharist are guilty of idolatry. They contend that this is so because the orders of Protestant clergy are invalid and, therefore, it is impossible that the Real Presence of Christ is present in a Protestant Eucharist. That being the case (so this argument goes), these Protestants are guilty of idolatry because they worship mere bread and wine instead of the Body and Blood of Christ. So, there are nuts everywhere. We just need to ignore them and move on.


My right what…? Oh it’s just too easy!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a sad, sad person…


Once again, great post Sixtus!:thumbsup:
You always post what I am thinking. :tiphat:


I found that to be a good one! :slight_smile:

I would go as far to suggest (IMHO) that Catholicism attracts the thinking person, not the easy led. Christ is providing me with the answers to hard questions not telling me to shut up and blindly follow.



As your resident born again christian/protestant, I defended the CC over the weekend.:thumbsup: A stranger said you guys are not christians and I said Yes they are—they believe in Christ.:smiley:

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