Why do some Protestants think

So you have no respect for the Church Fathers. Nice. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Agreed. The subject though was “talking badly” about other religions. Imagine the following conversation:

Bill: Hi Joe. I want to introduce you to someone very important to me. His name is Jesus and he’s changed my life.

Joe: That’s great Bill. I’m a practicing Hindu, but I’d love to visit with you about who this Jesus is.

Bill: Excellent. But first, I must tell you that Hinduism is a pagan, hedonistic, multi-theistic religion that, among other things is satanic, vile and will ultimately sentence you to eternal damnation. Now with that out of the way, let’s dive into Christianity 101…

In sum, I think it’s quite difficult to carry out the great commission effectively whilst “talking badly” about other religions, no? Come to think of it, I’m not sure how one approaches anything or anyone with humility and kindness when “talking badly”?

In fairness, perhaps I’m misinterpreting what you mean by “talking badly” about other religions. If so, apologies. I just think when we talk badly about anything to anyone, they stop listening to us. Obviously we need to always speak truth - but we have to do it with love.


I was just reading through an older thread where Martin Luther was called a deranged lunatic for writing an anti-jewish polemic…

I understand the post-reformation and even post-schism saints said things that maybe lacked nuance. That doesn’t degrade their saintly lives. They had good reasons to say what they said at the time. I am thankful that the Catholic hierarchy today knows that dialogue is more productive than threats. Frankly, I am extremely tired of all the polemics going back and forth from both sides.

We can’t tell someone that their false religion is good. We can’t tell them that we respect it. Of course you should never call someone out because of their false religion when you first meet them. But apologists SHOULD be calling out false religions, as should priests, bishops, cardinals, patriarchs, and popes.

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I mean it’s probably the Catholic predilection for statuary in churches and for praying in a manner that can be mistaken for praying to the statue rather than to what the statue represents. Saintly devotion/intercession also has something to do with it as they see Catholics as praying to the saint, not for saintly intercession. Many branches of Protestantism don’t hold with either for that reason, that at the very least it’s putting something between yourself and God, and at worse that you’re praying to something that’s not God.


What I personally understand is beside the point. The OP asked “Why do some Protestants think that Catholics are worshiping idols . . . ?” One reason might be because they look like they are worshiping statues. Not sure why that observation provokes a defensive response. Catholics know why they do things, but most Protestants aren’t going to have that knowledge or if they do they might still think the Catholic concept of veneration is flawed, unbiblical or even idolatry.

One man’s medicine is another man’s poison.


The KJV is written in beautiful prose. Psalm 23, is comforting in KJV. I left the Catholic Church for 4 yrs. I had foster kids of different faiths. Vatican II wasn’t Modernism to me. IT WAS THE HOLY SPIRIT! In the Catholic Church or in a Protestant Church. Different denominations have some beautiful worship services of praise. God is in Praise. Most think Communion is a Symbol but some are right w us. A female visiting minister to Assemblies of God, called the congregation to personally repenting w God & NOT RECEIVING COMMUNION till they felt clean. She was fasting & God showed her “this thing was Baptist & this part was Catholic.” She told them Jesus was the communion. It was exhilarating to hear. The scripture from the Last Supper was read. That is where the HS makes the change w the power of the scripture. Debate as you will but the scripture is Jesus (the Word) The priests have anointed fingers. True. They’re dedicated lives for Jesus/God. God is not dead. He lives & calls ppl to serve Him. They answer. IDK! God was glorified. God will clarify when I see Him. Fundamental Baptist’s are anti-Catholic. Literature was in the front of the church. I talked to the Pastor. The Gospel is about a loving Savior. Preach the Gospel. God is not anti-Catholic. Only way to end prejudice is w Love…

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Now I’m curious about what they argued against Catholicism

Amen brother or sister

A minister from the AOG visited a catholic church ? Or was it revealed to her in her own church ? Im curious to know.

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That statement needs a little clarification. He did not have a problem with statues and pictures of saints being created as pictures like any other picture, so long as they were not used as if they had any supernatural power.

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Keeping in mind that the Evangelical Catholic (Lutheran) reformers complaint about invocation of the saints was the requirement to do or believe said, it is clear that the saints of the Church Triumphant pray for use, and asking God to hear those prayers is perfectly reasonable.

One said, we were putting Mary in the Trinity. I’m still chuckling w that. The Quadrity(?) How does that work grammatically. The Mary focus is in many Protestant churches. Their main focus is:We pray to God directly. Church of God is kinda strong. Realize, every Pastor in any denomination has certain points he holds strong. It depends on life experiences. There are comic books out there that shattered my soul. Drawings of priests & Nuns flagellating themselves. We accept suffering as a reluctant gift, in carrying our crosses. Protestants believe, Jesus took our disease & sins to the cross. HE DID! Redemptive suffering isn’t understood. We accept it. Do we really understand it(?) Honestly, we don’t want it.
Understanding the complexities of God (OT, mainly) & the Simplicity of His message & Love can be overwhelming. Look up St.Ephram’s prayer. Guilty! Sloth & over inquisitiveness. Researching the Complexities, was educational & interesting. SIGH! It takes away from our relationship. IDK? How can we not be researching? Just to learn of the first church. It’s a balance. It all comes down to balance.
One prayer group was praying for misguided friends, who are Catholic. OH MY. They don’t understand the Saints & Mary & the idol thing. Why the Rosary? Apparitions? Communion, a symbol or the real body??? Are we cannibals??
The Bible! Ours is different. We have extra books but John 3:16 is John 3:16. SIGH
That’s most of it.
Some of the Research, I’ve seen here is good& interesting. It can give me a headache. BUT: St.Ephraim prayed for God’s love over questioning. Curious!
In Christ’s Love

 I left Catholicism for 4 yrs. I was in the AOG church. I went w foster teens to their churches to worship w them. That’s how I found out about fundamentals. Part of that time, I was still going to Catholic mass but was lovingly encouraging them, in their Spiritual journey. That’s how I saw the anti-Catholic flyers. Did my speaking, w the Pastor, make a difference?? Beats me? I only went once. Other friends from her church picked her up. Good grief. The church secretary had a wild teenage son. I was told he was romantically performing in the back of the church bus, on a way to a Christian concert. I will say, I made friends w all Christian neighbors nearby w kids. We fellowshipped. Spent time together. Kids would play together. DONT TRUST THE KIDS! NEVER TRUST THE KIDS! My daughter had terrible experiences w them. One boy at 12, was caught under my big evergreen tree trying to have sex w my 11 yo. My older daughter stopped it. I was a night nurse. NO ONE TOLD ME!  He later came out gay. They had moved. GROAN!  One girlfriend was sexually active at 12. They did the, house swap thing. We’re over the X house. Then, they’re over at my house. We’d checked often enough, we trusted. My 11 yo was losing her virginity to the other guys friend!  Why? She stopped him. I still don’t understand completely, how insecure my daughter was? Needy(?) I don't-think she knows now. She’s 35.  I wasn’t told till she was 25. HUH! I talked to them. GOK!  My rules of safety were terrible. I thought I was on top of it. God forgive me for my ignorance. Heal my children from their fiascos. In Jesus name. Amen. 

Believing. Blessings

Last night i was reading about Armstrong , church of God , the abundant life gospel , in fact im about to correspond with someone from CoG over the phone in a bit .

And i wanted to buy St.Ephraim’s psalter, this is the 3rd time someone online mentioned him . I prayed to God if i should get it , maybe i should to cry over my sins.

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