Why do the angels bring prayers to God, if He knows already?


Hi. I think it’s beautiful, the passage in Scripture that states the angels bring up the prayers to God. I wondered why they did this since God knows the prayers of His people.

I thought maybe this passage is what they call “figurative” (I hope I’m using that correctly) or if in Heaven the angelic beings have assigned jobs as well which doesn’t take away from Gods omniscience as He only knows why He assigns them.

I was curious as to what others may think of this.

Thank you.


Just a couple thoughts… God chooses to incorporate the angels into his good work and gives them opportunities to follow His will, and so they participate. Also, perhaps we are to understand this as the angels offering up their own intercessory prayers on our behalves, by praying our prayers with us.


Thank you, I appreciate that perspective! I often ask my holy angel to pray for me. I sometimes even ask him to speak to my children’s holy angels. I wish i could say it feels natural, but I do it with as much hope as i can.


The angels can also bring them to the Saints in heaven.


Does a King shoo away a treasure box when he knows exactly what’s in it? Or his children when he knows what clothes they’ll be wearing or what they’re going to say? I imagine that’s a bit what our prayers are like.


I like the treasure box comparison, to think our human prayers are highly valued by the Almighty.
So this is part of an angels “job”.


There is more than one passage. I recall Tobit, Revelation, and there are probably more. Of course God being all-knowing, does not need intermediaries. But it pleases Him to involve angels for our sake. It is a gracious gift to us.


That’s what i thought as well, thank you for articulating it well.


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