Why do the Knights of Columbus not take off their hats in presence of Blessed Sacrament?

I’ve seen Knights of Columbus with their hats on during Eucharistic processions. I found it odd since Bishops are supposed to be bare-headed in the presence of the Eucharist. That is, unless if there’s another standard that I’m unaware of.

Do you mean indoors or outdoors?

Outdoors during processions with the Blessed Sacrament.

I’ve seen Knights of Columbus wear it indoors but I’ve never paid attention if they still do so during Consecration.

Nevertheless, even Bishops remove their skullcaps when they’re outdoors in the presence of the Eucharist. I’m a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre and we’re also required to be bare-headed in the presence of the Eucharist.

From what I’ve observed the chapaeux are removed during the Mass proper, but are kept on inside while the honor guards are performing “official duties:” being in procession, forming the “arch” with their swords, etc.

This is correct. Protocol during Mass states that as the priest moves towards his seat the chapeaux is removed and remains off until after the final prayer.

Out of respect.

The customary ecclesiastical and social sign of respect is to take off your hat. The question was why they keep their hats on.

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