Why ‘Do the Right Thing’ Is Still a Great Movie

Its been 39 years and it is still controversial. However, it is easily Spike’s best film. I read Rosie’s autobiography and she would not speak about what she went through in the film. However, it is a pick for watching this weekend.

" It’s part of the curriculum now: we received comments from high school students who watched it for class as well as remarks from some teachers. The students had a lot to say about Lee’s painful themes and arguments, which, among other things, dynamically put Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X into play.

Unlike too many contemporary (OK, white) critics who focused on their own racial fears, the students also appreciated Lee’s art. Badly made films seldom make history, and one reason that “Do the Right Thing” remains resonant is that it is still, as Vincent Canby said in his New York Times review, “one terrific movie.”

And that there is the issue. As the child of two mixed race parents, that gets really annoying. I belong to the human race, thank you very much.

That was a reviewer comment on criticism of the film. Do you agree with the assessment or not?

As I told my godchild: “We are all mixed. Anglo-Saxon is a mixture.”

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