Why do the Russian Orthodox capitalize the names of their bishops when written?


I was invited today by very close neighbors to their Russian Orthodox church’s 75th anniversary reception. I noticed that in the program, their bishop and also the archbishop’s whole name was capitalized, but the parish priest’s names were not…just the first letter as is usual when names are written. I am assuming that this is out of respect for the position of their title in the church, but what’s the background info on this?

In addition, each time, one of the clergy who was introduced and then would give a short speech, would first be greeted by everyone in the banquet hall by standing and chanting a religious verse. What’s the meaning behind this protocol?\

All in all it was wonderful celebration.


It does sound wonderful.

I have a hunch about the all caps thing. Early written language did not have lower and upper case. This was introduced several hundred years after the advent of Christianity. So my bet is that it’s a combination of the old way of writing and respect.


I’m EO and don’t know, but if you post this question in Eastern Christianity you’re bound to get an answer. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice, I will do that.

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