Why do things like this happen?


Yesterday, coming back from Mass, on a certain roadway, I saw a turtle crossing, or at least trying to cross. He was still. I love turtles very very much, so I turned around and came back to help get him across. And my car frightened him, so he began to go back the way he came, and along comes another car and runs him straight over, right in front of my eyes, and I saw everything. He died because of me. I wanted to help him across the road he could make the journey to wherever he was going, and instead I killed the him.

I am a very sensetive and emotional person, and I love animals—creation very much, and God knows this, and I already suffer from other things as well, so why did this have to happen? I mean come 'on! what was the point?! If He is involved in our lives, then that includes our emotions and personalities as well, or at least He knows them, so why did this happen? Does He also pick on people like others among the earth? Because that is how it feels. Everyday it is something, and I am always fighting, and never get a break. ALL I wanted to do was save a turtle, and instead I killed it, and saw everything, saw it explode, break in half, blood, guts, everything—right before my eyes.

Is He involved in every aspect of our lives, or do things just happen? Because, what was the point of this? I would rather believe it was a random accident rather than He “allowed” it to happen for a mysterious reason.

I wish I was not so over emotional, most of the time the emotions are anger and sorrow, very seldom happiness, not anymore, that abandoned me long ago. But I wish I was not so warm hearted neither. I really really wish I was cold because then I wouldn’t carry so much sorrow! or anger.

What is the point in anything.


I think you struggle with your emotions too much. I still sometimes struggle with that and moodinss. The turtle didn’t die because of you. Maybe the other driver needed to be paying more attention to the situation.

God knows about all of this. He allows it because He wants to use it so we turn to HIm instead of relying on ourselves. It is a large burden, but He wants us to ask for His help in dealing with it. It’s also a daily thing. Each day is a gift to be opened. Some days we don’t want to accept, other days we would’t trade in for anything. I’m sorry to hear of the lack of happiness in your life. I struggle with that as well. But I know that God is holding me, and is asking me to cling to Him during what feels like “A howling wilderness.” Keep trying. And, if possible, find someone who can help you with this.

One of the best, and hardest, thing to do is to get involved with something that takes your mind off that sort of thing. Like, maybe go to a put-put golf place, with a friend, and have fun. I’m sure there are other things around your area that might bring you relief.


I´m very sorry this happened to you TheCatholic, it´s very upsetting that your good intentions didn´t turn out as you hoped. However you are not over-emotional, and I wouldn´t wish to be more cold hearted. It´s a wonderful gift to be so in tune with nature and to have strong emotions :slight_smile:

It was indeed be terrible if you could see something like that and not be affected, but because you are a lovely pèrson, it has understandably hurt you. You do not share any guilt for the death of the turtle, you only tried to help,…it must just have been his time to go.

I wish there were more people like you in the world, it would be a better place :slight_smile:


It is sad, but you must remember that God is Lord. The Lord wanted to show you two things: 1) You must not rely on yourself but on Him, for you can do nothing without Him and 2) You must accept everything as God’s Will, for He allows bad things to happen so that out of them He can draw a greater good.


Remember that God’s ways are far above our ways, and that everything He allows is ultimately for the good of those who love Him. (Romans 8:28).

Perhaps this incident is a way for you to begin to confront and deal with a bigger problem than a turtle’s death - that sometimes you don’t like God’s will and don’t trust in His providence. This is an imperfection you’ll need to be purified of, either in this life or the next.

When you start looking at things in light of eternity, life makes a lot more sense.


“TC” I’m so sorry that it happened. :console: I love animals too. :frowning: God bless you.

Last year, my niece accidentally hit a dog with her car, and killed it. It ran right out into the street. She was very upset for a long time. But she has recovered. She has realized that it was out of her control.

You will too, dear soul. The passage of time, will ease your pain.

St. Francis of Assisi… Patron of all of God’s Creatures… please intercede for “TC”, who is feeling so badly about what happened. Please bring comfort to “TC’s” heart and assurance that the turtle did not suffer. Amen. :gopray:


My wife and I are going to Lancaster P.A. on Saturday, so hopefully that will help.


I don’t know if I would ever recover hitting a dog. Dogs hold a very very special place in my heart, for their personality, love, protection, pack like instincts, and simply loving you.

The turtle didn’t suffer, i am sure of that, i saw it explode :frowning: I can’t believe this happened, even still.


At least you have been blessed with eyes to see, because I have not, and am always left in the dark. And yet because I at one time caught a glimpse of Him, I can’t let go, He won’t let me, so the sorrow and confusion remains.


:’( Thank you, but it really hurts, I can’t even imagine how I’d feel were it a child or my (hopefully one day) child :frowning:


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