Why do we call Eucharist “Bread” in Novus Ordo?


Father Z blogs about why the Eucharistic bread can be legitimately referred to as “bread” in the liturgy.

So think about it before you go jumping all over some poor newbie who calls the Eucharist “bread” in here. :wink:


I’m not a big fan of Father Zuhlsdorf’s slavishness but that is an excellent post.

"When we eat this Bread and drink this Cup"

We don’t “drink a cup.” It’s impossible to drink a cup. We can only drink what’s in the cup.



Interesting observation! :smiley:

I was impressed yesterday with a comment made on Women of Grace (EWTN). One of those critical tests was given to students in Florida, and one of the vocabulary words was “moccasin.” A native Floridian put down “snake” and was marked wrong, since the “correct” answer was the footwear. Shame, isn’t it, how we are so stringent with our explicit definitions.


In my “old” missal of the Latin Mass it says in Prayers at the Priest’s Communion, "I will take the bread of heaven, and will call upon the name of the Lord. So don’t “blame” the Norvus Ordo!!! God Bless, Memaw


How about Our Lord’s own words, “I am the BREAD of Life” ?


“Panem” or “panis” (the Latin for “bread”) is in some of the traditional Catholic hymns as well.


That’s basically the point of Fr. Z’s blog.

Interestingly, as the showbread or bread of the presence in the Bible is literally translated as “bread of the face of God.”



:o I don’t read Fr. Z, since he is not theChurch’s final word, but simply a traddy priest.


No one here claimed that he is. But then you must not read any Catholic author or website, other than pieces by the Holy Father himself, since no one else is the final word, either.


True, nobody claimed he is, but I have seen posts from trads who believe his word is next to God. It bothers me to the point that I usually won’t read any references to him.
Now if you want to know who I read, I do enjoy the communications from our apologists and certain priests and blogs that I trust as not being biased. :slight_smile:


Do you think that maybe, just maybe, we could stop using the term “Novus Ordo” and start using the accurate term of Mass in Ordinary Form? Brother explained quite well in this post:


Yes, yes, I know all well and good that I have derailed the thread, but using “Novus Ordo” likens you good people to the radicals that use it in a most disrespectful and disparaging way. I am sure the faithful Catholic members here on CAF can do way better than those on other forums and sites I will not mention.


It was good enough for St. Paul and Jesus. It is a better term than “novus” for an order after four decades.


The hymn “Panis Angelicus” (bread of the angels) has been around for centuries.


Haha! I’ve often thought about that too. And I also thought about “should we be calling it bread?” but then I thought of “I am the bread of life.”


Here is the Oxford Dictionary’s two pronunciations of impious.


Prophesy only has one. It sounds silly to me when it is mispronounced. I mean a noun listed as an interjection just sounds kooky. One wouldn’t say, “Novel!” or “Poem!” to someone.


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