Why do we celebrate mass every sunday and not once a year


So the Mass we celebrate the new Passover. The old Passover was celebrated once a year. Why do we celebrate the new Passover every Sunday and more?


The Lord’s Day is not a commemoration of the Old Testament Passover.

The Lord’s Day is a celebration of the Resurrection. We celebrate it on the day he rose-- Sunday-- which comes weekly.

You can find many references to the disciples coming together “on the first day of the week”. This was done from the very beginning.

I guess I don’t really understand exactly where you are coming from with this question.


While one can look at ASPECTS of the Mass as the “New Passover” The Mass is much more than that. It is God’s body and blood. The sign of the New covenant and the way we commemorate the Lord’s day.


do not stop gathering together in worship, as some have done. mass is offered everyday!


St Thomas Aquinas discusses this subject a little in his Summa Theologica, Part 3, Question 83, Article 2.

To those who would argue that the sacrament ought to be celebrated but one a year, St Thomas says, in part:

I answer that, As stated above (Article 1), in the celebration of this mystery, we must take into consideration the representation of our Lord’s Passion, and the participation of its fruits; and the time suitable for the celebration of this mystery ought to be determined by each of these considerations. Now since, owing to our daily defects, we stand in daily need of the fruits of our Lord’s Passion, this sacrament is offered regularly every day in the Church. Hence our Lord teaches us to pray (Luke 11:3): “Give us this day our daily bread”: in explanation of which words Augustine says (De Verb. Dom. xxviii): “If it be a daily bread, why do you take it once a year, as the Greeks have the custom in the east? Receive it daily that it may benefit you every day.”
. . .
Reply to Objection 1. Christ’s Passion is recalled in this sacrament, inasmuch as its effect flows out to the faithful; but at Passion-tide Christ’s Passion is recalled inasmuch as it was wrought in Him Who is our Head. This took place but once; whereas the faithful receive daily the fruits of His Passion: consequently, the former is commemorated but once in the year, whereas the latter takes place every day, both that we may partake of its fruit and in order that we may have a perpetual memorial.


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God Bless.


Actually, we celebrate the Holy Mass every hour of every day. Somewhere in the world, the Holy Mass is always being celebrated…


True, with the exception of Good Friday…:wink:


Absolutely, thank you.


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