Why do we fear the last judgement, even the angels tremble?

I’m don’t fear the last judgement, in fact I can’t wait. I’ve been to Australia and Hawaii, any place I get to travel too is just icing on the cake… I’m good. Thank you Jesus.

Can’t wait to see my mom again…

Seeing my brothers again will be cool too, but I know they’ll just tease me for being last to show up… again.

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God knows best. His reasons are perfect. Perhaps we shall understand all of that at the last judgment.

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You very well might be that popcorn:

For see how YHWH
comes in fire
to assuage His anger
with burning,
His threats with brilliant fire.
For by fire will YHWH
execute judgement,
and by His sword
against all mankind.
The victims of YHWH
will be many.

Isaiah 66:15-16

I think that we all should be. My analysis of OT prophecy leads me to believe that the fire of the Judgement comes from a global nuclear war. As Rabbi Yehoshua predicts: “It will come down on every living person on the face of the earth.”

If I am right that YHWH’s judgement is by the fire of nuclear war, then these persons that you speak of are not going to understand that the disaster that has overtaken them is in fact Judgement Day.
Rabbi Yehoshua did warn that this Day would sneak up on the world “like a thief in the night.”

With all due respect, you’ve stated previously in recent posts that you are not attending a Catholic church and that you prioritize belief in the Shroud of Turin as a top priority, seemingly even over the Eucharist, when choosing a church.

As a result, I am not inclined to trust your judgment on any sort of religious matter. If you feel fear, I would gently suggest that you’ve distanced yourself from Our Lord.

The legitimacy of the Holy Shroud is not a matter of faith; it is a scientifically proven fact.
I have never actually been a member of any Catholic Church, but have no problem in attending a Catholic service and I work for a Catholic company.
When it comes to the presence of our Almighty Creator, I think that we should feel fear.

As I said, those of us who walk in friendship with the Lord in the Catholic Church take to heart the Scriptural exhortation, “Be not afraid.”

It’s fine to feel some “holy fear” which is more accurately described as awe at the power of God and an appreciation of the insignificance of one’s own self. That’s not the same as servile fear where we would be afraid of what God might do to us.

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The Last Judgement shall occur. We shall be there… It shan’t be a ho-hum event…

From Scriptures we can glean some sense of it.

Separation of Goats from Sheep… Some shall indeed be very surprised .

Seeking contradictions . is never the Way to Faith…

As beings in eternity, the angels cannot fear what they already know.

Theologians teach that after the Last Judgment, the hierarchy of creation does change. At creation, angels in the hierarchy are above man. After the Last Judgment, man becomes higher than the angels because God became man.

Some suggest that Lucifer, seeing this event, rebelled at this demotion. Man became the target of his evil revenge.

They’re not in Eternity… They’re creatures - as we are too.

I don’t remember any verse in scripture saying that the angels tremble. I thought that NT passage was referring to the demons (the angels who abandoned God).

Can you link the verse?

The two facts are not mutually exclusive.

You say “Eternity” as if you think? you know whom is fully aware of Eternity

You’ve not shown how angels know everything of Eternity…

The day and hour of our Lord’s Return ? Not known .

But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven […] but only the Father. "

Friend, I did not write what you say above. Read my posts and then your catechism p. 1022, 1023.

Friend … whenever I post from .e.,g the CCC - I provide the texts…

Then do me the same courtesy and use the quote feature if you wish to cite me. By doing so, you’ll avoid the straw man’s fallacy.

The Straw Man Fallacy…

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