Why do we have a guardian angel?

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Just wondering why we have a guardian angel, I know they are very obedient.

Sorry to be morbid, but as most people go to hell (as it’s taught by saints) what do they do for us to help us see God?

Since the majority of us are damned, does it really matter?

well yes, because I want to know what their role is.

While I don’t believe that the majority of us are damned to Hell Fire, here’s something to peruse.

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They help enlighten, protect, and guide us. And I think it is important to point out that they are not obedient to us- that is why we can’t know their names because that would give us a certain power over them. They are obedient to God.

If the situation arises, I will pray to my guardian angel that I am humbly, respectfully and graciously requesting their intercession in whatever matter. I make clear that I am in no way commanding them or exercising any power over them. Many saints over the years emphasized these same things.

Also, you may already be aware, but Saint Padre Pio had a very enlightening and incredible relationship with his guardian angel. I learned a lot about guardian angels just from reading about his interactions with them.

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Short answer: because GOd wants to give us every opportunity to succeed.

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Our Guardian angel protects us and inspires us to do good and to make good choices. This is the act of a very loving God.

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Much better :innocent:

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As far as I can tell, my guardian angel chickened out the moment I started up hill 937.

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